Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Inbetween Time

I think Thanksgiving is grand, but really love the few days after.  Lots of leftovers and turkey soup, so not much cooking.  The south side of our town is where all the shopping is, so it's pretty quiet over here.  Lovely weather, and for me, a good time to work on finishing projects in the works and starting new ones.  I finally finished my first triloom shawl.

I have to thank the lovely members of the triloom group for helping me on-line with a panicky moment, after the shawl was off the loom, and I found I had skipped a stitch in two places.  Great help, and mistakes corrected.  I currently have it hanging in the studio where I can look at it while thinking about new hooking and weaving projects.

Today I started this little piece.........

A little girl with her fox in the snow.  We'll see where it goes from here.  It will be a very small piece.  I've been leaning towards small pictorial sorts of hooking at the moment.  Lots of hand cutting, tedious, but fun.

Below is a shot of my most recent knitted wristies actually on....

This is my second pair like this, and they're now at the library gift shop.  My other identical pair has sold.  I feel like I'm done knitting these.  Easy knits, but just tired of it.  I made something like 9 or 10 pairs for the gift shop.  I just can't do the same thing over and over!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely, and that you have a restful and stress free future in store between now and Christmas.  If you have the time, pop over to my friend Jennifer's blog, Ripplespeak.  She has the most amazing post about her plans for the holiday season.  Jennifer is a gifted writer and poet.  She expresses herself in such a touching and elegant manner.  Perfect reading for this time of year.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Wonders

A Thanksgiving greeting for you!  Photography by my talented husband, Jim Mayfield.  And music by lovely friend, Emily Higgins.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fireside Creations

Well..... coming nicely out of my brief creative slump, and jam packed with fireside ideas for winter.  Apparently, little Iris has beat me to my favorite hooking chair.

I'll start out with my loom project that I was so disappointed with the other day.  I worked with it some more and decided that I am happy with the size and began to weave my new lovely bloodroot yarn.

I've been working slowly and methodically making sure all my weaving is straight and even.  This will be a light and airy shawl.

When I take it off the loom, it will fall together more and the weave will be tighter, but not too tight I hope!

I've also been working on wristies for the library gift shop.  I thought this pair turned out super cute, and am starting another pair just like it.

I think the crocheted wool along the bottom looks like a tiny flower garden.  Instead of weaving in the ends, I tied them in a tight bow and frayed the ends.

I've also been working on more hooked cuffs for the gift shop and my little Etsy store.

And..... I have a nice full knitting basket.  Love that!

And.... when I'm not knitting, hooking, or weaving... there's always my lovely new mags and a nice glass of cab waiting for me.  sigh...........


Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm in an art and crafting limbo.  Not happy with my weaving because I feel that my loom is too small.  Wonderful hubby has offered to build a larger one, which is soooo generous, but I feel sort of guilty about that.  I made my test shawl which I wish was a bit roomier.  It's more like a large scarf.  I'm thinking this one out before I proceed with my wonderful new New York yarn.  Best to take some time for a walk in the woods.

I think I'll just straighten out things in the studio today, and finish my almost done sock knitting.  I really need to work on knitted wristies for our fabulous Library Center gift shop, Between Friends.  Our manager/buyer, Shelly has ordered another six pair.  I made four pairs earlier this fall and they've all sold.  But, having a hard time getting into this second order because of the loom "looming" in my brain.  Maybe I can refocus.  A new hooked rug perhaps? 

But, really I feel I'm in the mood to paint and draw.  I think I might begin a pastel today.  I've had an idea in mind for a long time, and have been avoiding my easel.  It's a very cold and crisp fall day, good day to stay home and create.....


Friday, November 2, 2012

Cat In The Window

Little Iris enjoying a beautiful fall day from her perch in the window.

Happy Fall!