Monday, August 5, 2013

Case Of The "Blues"

I'm loving the blues today!  Blue has not been one of my "go to colors"  ...... but lately..... I see it everywhere, and it makes me feel creative and full of energy!

The blues with greens and browns in this new shawl I'm currently blocking.

The blues in my new favorite little painting by Sophie Parker.  Love it next to my old pottery pieces!

The garden blues of my bottle tree.  So lovely next to the greens, pinks, and whites.......

These gorgeous blue wools I'm using in my "just have fun with hooking and art" piece.  The brights and contrasts always excite me!

And my favorite spring and summer pillow.... the gazing ball..... pattern by Primitive Spirit.

Having a case of the blues is really not so bad!



Three Sheep Studio said...

Love your beautiful shawl!
Great colors.

Amy McPheeters said...

So pretty! Everything! Is there a trick to get the shawl to come out symmetrical like that? I think that yarn is self-striping. I'm looking at the vertical stripes in the very center - and how they are exactly at the point of the triangle. Surely that is not just a coincidence!!! Do tell!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So nice to be here tonight visiting with you.
I am so Happy that your Blues have to do with color and not anything else causing it. lol
Your pieces are lovely and I can see how they would give you energy.
Certainly have missed you my friend.
Hope all is well with you.
Love ya

Pixie said...

Beautiful blues the shawl and i do love the blue bottles.....i am knitting a blue cardigan at the moment so we can be blue together...hugs dearest xx

Jennifer Richardson said...

blues and greens and browns
... colors that really light
me up.
sky and leaf and earth...swoon:)
so much beauty.
thanks for the sweet inspire,