Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pink Is The New Orange

It's warm, quiet, and turning fallish at the doorstep.  I've been tweaking my garden a bit to give it some color.... yet I love the way flowers are turning, drying a bit, shades of golds, dirty greens, and browns are starting to appear.  I've looked so forward to fall lately, and decided to make a little pastel painting using some of my favorite colors.

Pink is my new fall color!  I just can't come up with a color that doesn't go well with pink.  I love the oranges, golds, greens and purples next to the scrumptious hot pink pastels.

I've been hooking away on a new bag to take to my art retreat in October.  Once again, completely inspired by these luscious colors!

And..... a lovely new shawl is now blocking made for a friend.  Exciting color here as well!

Waiting for the cool crisp temps to go with the gorgeous fall palette!



Jennifer Richardson said...

It's been unseasonably hot here, too, but the light. oh the light.
there is something about the way the light gentles and goldens
this time of year that is so beautiful it makes my heart almost ache.
I think pink celebrates that,
the pink in the light.
So beautiful, your creations,
your heart:)

Forest Dream Weaver said...

I love the rich an glowing colors of your bag. Every season has so much to share with us.

Happy Weekend!