Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday? I Don't Think So...

I had such a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving...and hoping the same for you.   When I saw the hordes  of shoppers lining up yesterday on the news trying to get deals .... well, I just felt kind of sad.   Rushing out on Black Friday has never had any appeal for me, but Thanksgiving?!  Good Grief!  I'm thankful for many things, but definitely for the opportunity to be home having a crafting Christmas.  No Black Friday here.... NO SIREE!

At my house you'll find me happily buzzing away on the following gifties for family and friends....

Bright and cheery wristies with another pair on my needles.  Using gorgeous Noro yarn leftovers from my shawl weaving.

Speaking of shawls!  This one is currently drying.

And this one is obviously still in progress.  Love working with this soft mohair/silk blend.

My favorite Christmas project is a hooked rug.  I can show you only a wee bit because it's a special surprise, and I can't take the chance of it being spotted by the wrong person....  I just love it so far, and excited to show you the completed piece as soon as it's reached it's new home.

And, of course, bags and bags!

These two sweeties just need their straps attached.  I'd be fibbing if I told you both are gifts.... I think I'll keep one for me because I'm a bit tired of making these, and I do love them.

I have a couple more gift ideas up my sleeve, and trying to be timely and not get all in a rush at the last minute.  My hands can't take it!



Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Creamy Roses and Soft Wools

Oh I KNOW it's getting a bit tiring of seeing nothing but bags and shawls, bags and shawls!!  But,  one last time I'm showing you a picture of this sweet pair because I ADORE the creamy colors!

These were commissioned by my lovely new friend Janet.... colors are perfect for her!  Now they are gone and so glad I photographed them before they went to their new home.  I can hook, weave, or knit anything when I'm excited about color choices.... Still making more for the shops I'm in, and Christmas presents.  Then done with this for awhile.  I'm dreaming of painting and hooked rugs!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bags, Shawls, and a Bit of Acrylic

I've been busy busy lately with hooking and weaving.  My two favorite activities at the moment.  New bags and shawls are now in The Vintage Suitcase, a wonderful little shop which can only be described as..... a bit vintage, a bit French, a bit antique, and a bit shabby wonderful!  Here's a shot of a couple of bags and shawls I've currently added to the shop.  I love hooking my little scrappy rose design in different color combos!

I'm sort of swamped with bag orders at the moment, which is great as long as I'm feeling creative and having fun.  Of course my busy mind has a hard time staying "in the moment", so while I'm hooking or weaving I'm thinking of making a new rug and painting!  Geez!!

I did add a couple of new little paintings to my vintage gardening encyclopedia.

The first is from a photo of our front door.  You may recognize it as my current blog banner, and directly above is a white iris shown in the evening with the pond water in the background.  I'm sticking with my theme of paintings subject matter around my own home and gardens.

Of course LOVING fall right now.  The colors here are so spectacular it's hard to take it all in.  I was out to dinner with friends last night and the first words of greeting are "Can you believe the color?!".   And that's pretty much what everyone is talking about right now,  Such a lovely season this year.................... hope yours is the same.