Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bags, Shawls, and a Bit of Acrylic

I've been busy busy lately with hooking and weaving.  My two favorite activities at the moment.  New bags and shawls are now in The Vintage Suitcase, a wonderful little shop which can only be described as..... a bit vintage, a bit French, a bit antique, and a bit shabby wonderful!  Here's a shot of a couple of bags and shawls I've currently added to the shop.  I love hooking my little scrappy rose design in different color combos!

I'm sort of swamped with bag orders at the moment, which is great as long as I'm feeling creative and having fun.  Of course my busy mind has a hard time staying "in the moment", so while I'm hooking or weaving I'm thinking of making a new rug and painting!  Geez!!

I did add a couple of new little paintings to my vintage gardening encyclopedia.

The first is from a photo of our front door.  You may recognize it as my current blog banner, and directly above is a white iris shown in the evening with the pond water in the background.  I'm sticking with my theme of paintings subject matter around my own home and gardens.

Of course LOVING fall right now.  The colors here are so spectacular it's hard to take it all in.  I was out to dinner with friends last night and the first words of greeting are "Can you believe the color?!".   And that's pretty much what everyone is talking about right now,  Such a lovely season this year.................... hope yours is the same.



summersundays-jw said...

This fall has been gorgeous but my leaves are falling like snowflakes this morning. I was thinking about switching over to my "Dulcy bag" do such a wonderful job. Also, love your acrylics in your journal....they make me want to paint.....someday! Take care & enjoy this beautiful day! Jan

Cathy G. said...

Hi Dulcy,
I can totally see why you are swamped with orders! Your bags are gorgeous! I would love to come visit the shop where your things are sold... just the glimpse looks fantastic!
Your paintings are so lovely! I dream of picking up the brush again someday! Glad you are having a spectacular Fall! It goes by so quickly.... it sounds like we have a good first dose of winter on the way here... sigh... not ready for that!!
Cathy G

Pixie said...


Lovely colourful warm and cosy post....xxxx

Hugs hugs