Friday, December 27, 2013

Pretty Things, Lovely Ruby

Nice and quiet day after Christmas...... following a perfectly lovely holiday.  A week ago I had a few friends over for some Christmas cheer and hooking... and began new little pillow for Valentine's and spring I call "Bluebirds of Happiness".  I finished the hooking and prodding today, but it still needs to be stuffed and sewn up.

So excited to receive a package today from my fav Julie Whitmore.  I've collected a few pieces of her pottery.... and am totally captivated by her paintings.  She listed a selection of prints... and I fell for this circus scene.

I really should have taken a better closeup of this one, but adore the little fox in the center.  You can see a great shot of it on her blog.  Julie sent a super happy surprise gift with it.

Such a sweet Christmas and winter scene!  I love Julie's use of color, especially the rich royal blues.  Here's a shot of my Christmasy decorated mantel with my new print.

Okay...  on to a couple of gratuitous shots of happy grandparents (that would be hubby and I) with our 6 month old Ruby.

Best part of Christmas!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Polar Bear Weather....

A view of our home this morning with the "Ozark Polar Bear" crossing the front yard.  Deep snow and temps to reach -5 tonight.  This has resulted in leaving the garage door cracked open for our "not really ours" cat Firefly.

I worried all last night about him, but tonight will be much colder.  Firefly is feral and won't come to us, but he likes our presence and stays close to the house.... of course this is where he gets fed.  I'll sleep better tonight knowing he has a warm place to go if he chooses.  I think he's been staying under our deck during all this weather.  I'll put a special treat in the bowl and push it under the garage door.  I'll make up a nice little bed for him too......

Silly Cat Lady