Friday, August 30, 2013

A Bit of Fall on a Very HOT Day

It's in the mid 90's today.... ugh ...... but I'm still all happy and feeling a bit of fall settling in.  I took a few shawls and bags to the library gift shop, Between Friends, and Shelly set up a lovely display of autumn color.

I think she did a great job!  Shelly is the gift shop manager and keeps our little store stocked with the most wonderful merchandise.

I was out getting my flea market fix the other day, and was looking for something to hang my herbs and flowers on for drying.  I found a nice vintage dish drainer and an old rusty metal basket.  I hung these in our mud room.  I think they're pretty cute all gussied up with greenery!

 I've been playing with a little "just for fun" fall hooked mat.  Love working with these gorgeous colors!

And...... I've enrolled in an artist retreat that comes in October.  I'm very excited..... so today I dug out my cob webby dusty pastels and did a little fall painting.

It was fun rubbing and blending these pretty oranges, browns, and creams.  I'm going to try and get a couple of practice pieces (or more) done each week before the retreat.

Wishes to you for a lovely and creative weekend!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wool, Yarn, and Harry

It seems I'm feeling a bit pink lately!  I spent an afternoon with one of my favorite besties, Tammy.  We had fun going through all her accumulated stash of wool, and I stocked up on colors that made me happy and excited.  I took my pile home with the intention of sorting them into their proper color piles and shelving them in my wool cabinet, but got off track with the joy from seeing them all jumbled up together.  So.... I decided to hook a new piece using just my new wool and nothing else.  This mat is 30" long and about 12" wide.  A nice summer challenge!

I call this rug my Midnight Poppy.  I loved working with these brights!  I particularly liked the wool (actually, not sure what it is) that makes the vase.  It's very textured with lots of sparkly gold.

Can you see the pretty gold thread running through?  This piece won't stay with me, but will be a silent auction donation.

I've been knitting away on a cardigan, that I became a bit bored with and put away.  I will finish it and post later.  But.... I must have a little hand project going at all time.  So, I dug out some lovely sock yarn in shades of pink with a bits of other colors tucked in.  It's a nice cashmere blend that I've had stuck away.  So soft!

I got a new order of gorgeous Noro yarns from Webs, and couldn't resist taking this shot of Willow tucked in among the jumbled skeins in the spare bedroom.  She thinks it's her room since she stayed in there a bit after I first found her.  But she does let me share her space from time to time.

These yarns are for weaving shawls.  I've so enjoyed working on my triloom, and will soon have a display of shawls at a little shop with some of my small hooked bags.  I'll post a shot when we have the display set up.

Oh, and one more thing.  I have a very exciting new life experience.  I'm learning to horseback ride!  The instruction is English, and it takes every muscle (and then some) I've got when I'm up there on Harry.  Harry is a doll, and the perfect guy for me! More on this later, if I don't break major bones first.....

Happy Trails!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Case Of The "Blues"

I'm loving the blues today!  Blue has not been one of my "go to colors"  ...... but lately..... I see it everywhere, and it makes me feel creative and full of energy!

The blues with greens and browns in this new shawl I'm currently blocking.

The blues in my new favorite little painting by Sophie Parker.  Love it next to my old pottery pieces!

The garden blues of my bottle tree.  So lovely next to the greens, pinks, and whites.......

These gorgeous blue wools I'm using in my "just have fun with hooking and art" piece.  The brights and contrasts always excite me!

And my favorite spring and summer pillow.... the gazing ball..... pattern by Primitive Spirit.

Having a case of the blues is really not so bad!