Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Warm Thoughts With Lots Of Color

Sunny cold day with no wind.... I'LL TAKE IT!  Beats what we've been dealing with lately..... Oh, enough whining about the weather please...

Hooked up a few more bags for sale in May.

My cure for winter blues is always lots of color!

Weaving  shawls for same springtime sale.

My little shawl/scarves work well in spring and even summer.  I use a very lightweight mohair/silk blend, and they're nice to throw over shoulders or wrap around necks on cool summer evenings.  Especially when one is wearing a tank or tee.

And here's my little "Sweet Annie" doll that I found in a flea market.  I love her happy face and the tiny heart she's holding.  

Warm thoughts to you!



Dag said...

love the colors of your recent adventures in hooking and weaving --- and the doll is a true treasure! xoxo

Pixie said...

Oh sweet sweet little Annie, i love her, what a glorious find.....and your shawls are a dream Dulcy, love the colours so much....huggy hug hugs xx