Friday, August 29, 2014

My Week At A Glance!

I'm hooking like mad to make some headway on this piece to take to the Warsaw hook-in next weekend. It's all the color blending that slows me down.  I have to think a bit too long about each piece that comes next.  It's the only way I think this will work for me and not turn into one big hot mess!

I've found time this week to do a bit of kitchen table sketching.........

Another cup and saucer.

A fresh peach.  Love playing with these oranges!

And a lemon.

Here's a few shots from Robin's Vintage Suitcase where I'm working part-time.  Getting ready for fall.

Some of our gorgeous ribbon!

We're now carrying lovely linen clothes for fall!

note:  one of my little hooked bags :)

And other wonderful treasures in the shop!

And our little crew on the front of Metro Woman this month!  I'm peeking out from under the large straw hat third back on the right.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Tidbits

Busy and extremely pleasant summer!  Life and weather have been more than one could ask for.....  Here's a few tidbits of this and that.

Bike riding again!  Bought a new bike that my very sweet hubby put together for me.  I've been riding all over the neighborhood, and hoping to hit some trails up north along the Missouri River this fall.

Still sketchbooking.... a recent sketch of my home.  So glad I discovered sketchbooking this summer.  Thanks Tammy!

Friday I went to Warsaw with Tammy and we hooked all day at Salt Box Primitives.  Here's a sampling of all the creativity going on!

Tammy's aerial view of her back yard.  Gorgeous!

Nelda's priceless pig!  Wow!

I did not get this ladies name, but love her geometrics!

And I'm still working in reds.........

A fun discovery of some little owls I hooked at the local Farmer's Market Birstro, The Aviary.

My new job at Robin's Vintage Suitcase and Tearoom.  We're getting two new lines of clothing this week that will be exclusive to the shop.  Robin is scurrying about getting things set up as only she can do.  We're now becoming a boutique, and adding a bakery!

Best of all...... time with our precious little Ruby!

Of course summer isn't over, and it's going to be a very hot week, but with school in session now... it feels as though a lovely fall is not far off!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Sketching Teacups

I've joined the sketchbook challenge!  Actually, all that seems to involve is copying the badge as seen on the right, and joining in the sketchbook fun.  August is my first month in the group, and the challenge is "Coffee and Tea".  Two things I enjoy!  Here's what I've done so far.....

These are all very small, and I'm still using my handmade rose petal paper.  My book is mostly full now, so time to move on to a proper sketchbook.  Summer fun!