Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doorstep Creations and Serena

Our home has been happily full of children and family, and still is off and on for the next week or so.  It's been wonderful, but I love this post holiday quiet time of year.  The new year looms, and I'm excited yet peaceful.  I'm already looking ahead to the greens of springs, but so enjoying the winter browns and golds.  Christmas brought me this lovely lady to reside with us.  She came already named, Serena.

I think she'll be happy here.

I've been rug hooking and playing with designs and colors.  I did this piece and incorporated a little fiber collage I made a few years ago.  I had acquired the piece of antique paisley, and instead of cutting it to hook, I kept it whole and worked it up into this rug. 

I made these bags awhile back, but recently added the pretty vintage-like ribbons.  Have sold a few that were very similar, but decided to keep these for myself.  I find that I don't keep many of my smaller creations, and later wonder "why?".

I did the same with my flirty ribbon shawls.  I've made five, and sold every one.  I didn't take a picture of any of them!  But I was SO happy to have moved two shawls on to a lovely lady visiting here from Mississippi.  She had the most fabulous vibe about her, and I was honored to connect and share a creation of mine with such a lovely person.  The following is a shot of one of my shawls that is long gone.  But not to worry!  Another is currently on the loom. 

Hoping to get back to my sketching this week, and out and about with my sketching buddies, Mary and Tammy.  I feel really rusty! 

Lovely New Year's Wishes,


Charlotte said...

Thanks for the visit Dulcy, I am glad you like the drawings. I am almost finished the creatures now.
I love your latest shawls, no wonder you sold all 5. Happy New Year to you.

summersundays-jw said...

Love the shawl & I, too, understand why you sold 5. I find that I really like to sell something I's like a big ole compliment (I know that probably sounds pathetic)! I'd love to have a craft day. Happy New Year! Jan

Nancy said...

I am with you on loving the post quiet time of Christmas. It's always a time of reflection for me and thoughts of goals for the new year.

I love all the fiber arts you are creating right now...The shawls are so lovely and the purses so beautiful. You are a very talented woman.....Hugs.

Peggy said...

Hi Dulcy, for some reason my comments don't go through -- it happens at a few blogger sites, I have no idea why. But I visit you and am trying to comment again, to see if it has fixed itself. :) I loved this post, your creations are always so enticing. xoxo

Jennifer Richardson said...

So glad to find myself at your door again, dulcy:) Always a sweet inspire. Always feeds my wonder.

I love your creations and the way you look at living. Glad and grateful to get to peek over your garden wall and let the sweet air
nudge my creativity.

Thanks, friend,