Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Good Day!

A day with my friend Linda.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Waiting On A background

Well.......I think I'm done with the motif, trying to decide on a background.  I have some deep, almost dark blue that I think may work.  If not, I'll have to go out into the cold and find just the right color.  Not a pleasant thought!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Outside My Kitchen Window

This is my new "scrap" project.  By scrap I mean that I'm not buying or cutting wool.  I'm just using leftover linen, wool, yarn, and ribbon.  This design is loosely based on what I see while looking out my kitchen window (in spring, of course).  Today I see snow and lots of birds at the feeders.  I'm wondering if I should be a bit concerned.  I'm already thinking way too much about spring!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Sweet....

I was sitting and looking at the tree, just a few moments ago, and I noticed how the light behind the little angel showed it's little stuffed body through the fabric.  My mom made that angel many years ago, maybe 20-25 or so.  I just thought it looked so, so sweet!  Just a quick Christmas share. more thing....... early this morning I braved 25 degrees, all bundled up, and headed out to the country to help with the Audubon yearly Christmas bird count.  It was much fun, and also a great learning opportunity for me.  I saw many wonderful birds, but unfortunately, learned from the extremely knowledgeable birders I was with, that the populations are dropping enormously fast.  One gal, who has participated in the count for the 30th year in a row, said that there appeared to be quite a drop in population since last year.   That's discouraging, but when you see a lone kestrel hovering (literally hovering) above a farmer's field, why that's quite a Christmas treat!  Sorry, no pictures.  It was all my gloved, but freezing hands could do to hold my binoculars up!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Repurpose & Reuse!

I spent the afternoon quite contentedly, because I'm newly retired and am able to actually stop, breath, and enjoy the season, wrapping Christmas gifts.  I enjoyed digging in my clothes currently not wearing, wool storage, paper crafting, and odds and ends closet looking for interesting, yet repurposed or recycled items to wrap with (wow.....that's quite the run-on sentence!).  My favorite finds are a wallpaper sample book, a roll of brown paper used to wrap boxes for mailing, brown bags used to carry apples in from the grocery store (those are really cute for gifting), rug hooking linen scraps, wool worms (you hookers know the value of those...), twine, and reused ribbon.  I've managed to wrap everything so far without the use of traditional Christmas paper or Christmas bags.  Maybe it's not "Christmasy" enough for everyone, but I love the beauty in simplicity!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sharing On Monday Morning

It's very grey and foggy out this Monday morning.  Cold too!  I love turning on the lights of our tiny Christmas tree and sipping coffee by the fire.  
I really try to stay someplace within the topic of fiber creations on my blog.  Here's a shot of a little Santa mom made about 25 years ago.  She made tiny dolls and sold them in shops located in several places around the U.S.  Someday I'll do a posting showing you all the many intricately sewn, dyed, stuffed, and glued characters she made.  Any creativity I may have now, has all been showered on to me by my lovely mother.  There's nothing she can't do! 
I'm knitting a wrap for my mom for Christmas.  I'm using the subtle rib stitch and just love the way it's turning out.  Apparently Iris finds it to be a comfortable place to snuggle up next to.
Yes,'s another bag.  But it does have a home, and I really need to get it made.  I imagine you are tired of seeing hooked roses every time you check in at the "doorstep".  Although,  I do so love the image of a rug on the frame in front of a warm (although gas lit) fireplace and thought you might enjoy it too.  It makes me feel warm, cozy, and puts me in the mood to hook. But I do really need to break out of this "rose thing"....
So.......working on ideas for a new little mat.  I'm playing with the idea of "Outside My Kitchen Window".  After all these bags, I'm psyched to start something new!