Friday, January 28, 2011

Loving Living In My Right Brain!

I've been living in my right brain all week, and loving it!  I've said "NO" to all substituting jobs, and reserved my precious time for creativity.  I love the right brain feeling.... you know.... where you are moving from project to project, sleeping well, eating right, etc.  Yes, I know these moments don't last forever, but as I age, I recognize them for what they are and try to "make hay while the sun shines!"  Below are a few samples of my new rug.  It's a way long way from being finished, and my hooking techniques and color planning are evolving along with the rug.  I think it will be called Summer Jewels.

 I've also been struggling with my current pastel project.  It's very difficult and a frustrating piece for my inexperienced fingers.  What I'm showing you next is quite a way from being finished.  I still need to add all the individual pieces of fur over the pastel layering, finish my tree, and the rest of the cat.  But, I'm having such a good time working this one through.  Wonderful challenge!
You can see he's peeking through his wax paper window.  Grrrrr......

Yes.... more socks..... okay, I just really like knitting them.  There's such fabulous self-striping yarn available!  Also, I'm getting where I can pretty much knit these in my sleep.  Socks make a great little project to take when I'm visiting my mom, or T.V. watching.  It's very difficult for me to just sit and visit... or sit and do anything for that matter.....without something in my hands.
Note that I also added two new Somerset Publications that just came out.

I, probably like most of you, am anxiously awaiting spring to arrive.  Below you can find a new addition to our growing collection of yard art.  This little fellow was a Christmas present from Santa to my hubby, Jim.
This kitty is staying inside where it's nice and toasty until we find a new home for him somewhere among the flowers.  And speaking of flowers, here's a couple of darling and beautifully illustrated used books I found.  Great sources of artistic inspiration, and dreams of summer.
Well.... that's all at the doorstep for now.  It's already a beautiful day here, temps expected to make it to 60!!  Very unusual, and I intend to get outside and make the most of it.


Tracy said...

Good for you for saying "NO" to certain things and focusing on YOU!!! I too am more right brain than left. I love creating, putting things together, developing my ideas and 'visuals' and it's a great way to spend my time. I can get so fixated sometimes I ignore the family so I need to strike a balance!

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Your new rug is gorgeous so far! Love the nest. I'm like you, I can't just sit and watch tv or visit - I also have to be doing something - stitching, knitting, sketching.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Dulcy ~
I LOVED reading every single bit of this wonderful post! First the blog header of your front door hooked ~ beautiful, Next we have your awesome rug project, which inspires me more each time I look at it! Then Jim cat that I know will find the perfect place in your magical charming cottage land. And Finally how you artfully arranged your latest reads.
This post is 100% Dulcy and why I always find you so interesting! If you'll look on my blog link list, you will find I have listed beside your link (my muse) because that is what you do when I'm around you.. I get so inspired that I just have to go create something! Blessings ~ me

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love enjoying the fruits
of your right brain living
...especially after a week
of left brain wrestling
with irritable software
and technophobia!
Your week sounds magical
and I'm inspired to say a
few more "no"s next week:)
Thanks for the beauty
I always find here,

Kathryn Glover said...

Your rug is progressing right along. I love the pansy, too!I may have asked you this question before, but do you have a fabric cutter that cuts your strips? And do you have all the yarn together for the entire project before you begin?How many times do you get distracted by a color and travel down a different road? Long time to stay focused on your rug. I have my pastels out now to work with tomorrow. Have no idea what image I will work on. Your pastel is coming along so nicely! Do you look at pastels as a drawing or a painting? I just love all the color sticks in my box and want to get my hands dirty. Can't wait till your next post!

Kathryn Glover said...

My lengthy post got deleted somehow. I'll try again later. Hey Dulcy!

Julia said...

Dulcy, I need lessons in letting my right side of the brain take over.

I can't wait to see your cat in pastel finished. It looks like so much work but I can see how gratifying it is to see your progress.

Your rug is a departure from hooking clutches but just as beautiful.

I'm still having a great time with my new little grandson prince. He fills my days and evenings with joy. Have a safe weekend. JB

Tammy Burks said...

I love seeing the pastels you've been working them! Hoping to spend my day hooking!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Learning to say no is really important to an artist. It is hard to explain to people that when I am working on something, if I have to drop it for an hour or two, when I get back I have lost the "moment" if you know what I mean?
I love what you have been working on it all looks fabulous!
I have a copy of the book on the left, it's old and falling apart so maybe it's time to replace it. I have not seen the flower book before but will check the library.
Have a great weekend...
Tina xo

Dag said...

i like these first glimpses of the new rug! looks like a fun project and i'm sure it will be gorgeous!!
i am so with you on the sox! i am thrilledthat my 11 year old started liking hand knit sox and i'm on his second pair! that makes indeed a good carry-along project! enjoy the mild temperatures, your creative spirit and the weekend!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Boy have I missed you honey. Been trying to catch up with everyone but so far behind.
Love love what your doing those are so beautiful. Gosh I envy your creative.
I have updated the Temptations page on my site. See what you think. Also I wanted to add contributors so they could list their pieces on post whenever they like
Hope your staying warm.
Love the pottery for Julia...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh I forgot to mention I love your blog header. WOW
Like you

Kathryn Glover said...


i've been admiring the beautiful colors of my pastels. I was thinking of sorting them by value instead of by color. Using rice to keep the dust down is a good idea. I just have so many things on my mind and working on a quilt, as well. The snow goes on... and on... and on. So shoveling I must do. Your hook rug photo on etsy I love....the one across the top. Banner? Each wool loop is more beautiful than the next, especially the reds/pinks!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dulcy honey wish I could live in my right brain too. I must totally be a lefty.
Have you heard of the One World One Heart Giveaway. I decided to participate at the last minute. so if you can come by and enter who knows your right brain might be lucky.
Sorry I could not help myself

Relyn Lawson said...

I love the way you put this: It's very difficult and a frustrating piece for my inexperienced fingers.

No, I can't do it... I don't know how... Just inexperienced. I love that about you. You never met anything you couldn't do. You just jump in and try. Love it.

Queenplinker said...

Hello Dulcy! It was so nice to hear from you. Yes, hubby is home and doing very well!
I've loved catching up with your blog. I love the "front door" rug. It turned out so BEAUTIFUL, of course I knew it would, but so exciting to see it finished :0)

Now I'm eagerly watching that birdie rug with eggs, that one just gives me "sweet heart pangs"!!!

Stay warm, dear.

coinguyslady said...

Hey Girl,
I have been trying to send you a e-mail with info on a camp and the hook-in in Eureka Springs, but I must have the wrong address. Can you send me your right one please.

susan jenkins said...

I have so enjoyed seeing your beautiful hooked rugs, I am in love with your clutches and totes and the raven rug is so wonderful! They ALL are!
This is a treat, thankyou, Susan