Friday, January 14, 2011

Week's Snippets

I just received something I've been waiting for all week!

Oh my yes..... another lovely piece of Julie Whitmore pottery!  Just look at that rosebud handle... isn't it just the sweetest thing?!  Julie gave her fans a "heads up" as to when she was going to have new items in her Etsy shop.  Well, I'm telling you, everything was gone in a flash.  I'm not kidding!  You've got to be fast or make a special order if you want to snag a piece of her darling pottery.

I also received another treat by post....

lapis blue Birks, on major sale, ordered them Tuesday night at 6, and received them Wednesday.  No shipping charge from Zappos.  I love Arizona Birks with my hand knit socks.

I've been slaving in my studio all week working on a rug pattern.

Every time I'd get things how I wanted, I'd go and do my yoga practice.... while processing the whole design in my  head.... and end up redoing things again.  It's a pretty large rug, over three feet in width.  The following photo is pretty crazy looking, but there is a plan to include lots of pixelating and prodding.  Quick space fillers with lots of pzazz!

I just really need to start hooking this, because that's when things start to happen.  Usually, when the hook starts flying, I tend to take all kinds of unplanned detours.  I've been hooking bags since October (Christmas and Etsy shop), so a nice large rug is in order.  It was going to be a floor rug (they all start that way) but now with all the embellishing I'm planning it will have to definitely go on the wall.  Oh wait..... across the foot of the bed would be pretty gorgeous.  I'm thinking I'll be lucky to have this one done by summer or later.

While shopping yesterday at the National Art Shop for paper (I have a pastels class tomorrow) I found the cutest little book.

The Cat's Pajamas!  Is this darling or what?  My excuse for the purchase is reading it to our little granddaughter, Ava, when she comes to visit.  But actually, I bought it for the cuteness factor.

Other than creating, I've been trying to get outside when possible.  The horrible cold has kept me in this week, but the first part of last week was wonderful.  My husband and I walked at the Nature Center and I practically (I'm not kidding, I mean almost) tripped on a deer.  There were four in the group.  We also walked at Nathaniel Green Park, and once again lots of deer and turkey.  My brother and I took our binoculars and went to Springfield Lake where we were lucky to spot a bald eagle. And..... today a little groundhog scampered through the yard in the snow, which is a bit unusual since they are very deep hibernators.... but temps did get to 40 degrees.

Wow!  What an exciting life I lead!  Hope you're warm and toasty..... creating, reading, cooking, whatever makes you happy and content.


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Oh how I love Julie Whitmore pottery! LOVE IT! I wish I had some - even one piece. You are very lucky to have such a pretty piece to look at and love. I like your new birks too. I don't own any but I've been considering it. And I like your new rug design. I can't wait to see how you work it. Have a great weekend!

summersundays-jw said...

I'm lovin' your blue birks. I'm so bummed -- my toe went thru my 10 yr. old Uggs. Now, I have to get boots. Hopefully, tomorrow will be nice so I can take a little walk. Oh, how my g'kids would love almost tripping on a deer. Jan

Julia said...

Dulcy, your work is always pleasing to the eyes and I'm sure that this rug will be also. You have a great eye for colors. I'm looking forward to see some hooking on it.

You're right, what a darling little book and birks are so comfortable, for me especially as I have bunions on my feet, the same as one of my grandmother.

Seeing deers a always exciting and I'm finding that wild animals like deers, foxes and coyotes are getting bolder around here since their habitat is getting smaller all the time. Have a great weekend. JB

Julia said...

Dulcy in my haste I forgot to say that your new piece of pottery is gorgeous. I'm sure that you would love to do pottery and that you would be great at it. JB

Cathy G. said...

We have the same taste Dulcy! Good taste for sure!
Lovin' all your recent purchases! The blue Birks..... and I love me some colorful socks too!
Can't wait to see the wool colors and how you are going to execute the rug. Exciting to be starting a new one ! Have fun and savor the process!
Cathy G

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your snippets
....they warm me:)
(I quit on yoga last year;
need to renew that relationship
your post gently inspired me)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

How I love hearing of all the events at your cottage ~ sounds absolutely wonderful!!!
Your new design is awesome and I can see it on the foot of your bed and your studio is coming along beautifully Dulcy! And your socks ~ wonderfully WoW!
But I also need to tell you that the Cat Pajammas book is too too darling!
I hope you have a perfect weekend (although Aunt Martha's has suffered the fire damage) Think of you every single day my friend!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm so happy you like your cup!
you knit socks too?
they are darling.

Tracy said...

I love the mug...what a unique style it has and the butterfly on the side; beautiful!
I can't wait to see your rug, OR wall-hanging when you are done. I am intriqued by the thought of seeing it from start to finish now that I've witnessed it's sure to show us along the way!

Kathryn Glover said...

Dulcy, I've missed you and so sorry not to have written. I love the hooked picture of your cottage door. Julie's ceramics are truly special. She made for me a salt cellar with a bee skep painted on with a little spoon with a bee. I love it! I used to be a beekeeper and like to collect "beehive" things. I miss my birks and with writing about your new ones, I realized what my feet were missing. Love the socks, too! Winter is being forever long here in New England. It's difficult to walk outdoors with all the snow on the side of the road. Cabin fever already! Big projects, like your new piece to be hooked, can seem larger than life, but give new meaning to the word "hope" and "spring". I look forward to seeing the progress pics. So you are drawing... just by allowing your thoughts and feelings to flow through the tip of a pen or pencil. I love your pattern drawings! Happy winter until later( or sooner!) Kathryn

Nancy said...

Wow that is gorgeous pottery.....beautiful. Just like all your work.......I love reading your snippets; I feel like I've been for a visit and I had a lovely time.......

Your new rug is awesome.....

Relyn Lawson said...

I have to say, retirement suits you. I still miss your smiling face and all our conversations, but retirement suits you.

Relyn Lawson said...

I forgot to say, I'm dying to get a peak at Cat's Pajamas. That looks adorable.

Vicki Boster said...

Ah - ha! So you are the one buying all of Julie's pottery - I am a huge fan too! Just bought a new piece last night!