Friday, January 7, 2011

Dug In For Winter And Feeling Creative

Wow!  I haven't posted in awhile, but certainly have been busy..... With holiday season behind (it was a truly wonderful one this year), out of town family safely back home, and decorations snugly stashed until next year, I've dug in for a winter of art and crafting.

Below you can see my two new mini clutches that I've put into my little handbag and pattern shop.

I made these two little sweeties over the past week.  Fun working with some pretty pastels and a chance to dig into my tin of vintage buttons.

I recently have moved my sewing, hooking, knitting, triloom, easel, and pastels out to the studio that I share with my husband.

Below is a peek at my little sewing corner.  My machine is ancient (bought it used when I was 19) and I completely love it.... thought for a second, and only a second about replacing it with a new model that does all the stitches.... but I had this one tuned up instead, and it runs beautifully.  I've made so many outfits and curtains on this reliable workhorse over the many years.... can't bare to part with it.  I made the tablecloth last week.
I'll post more pictures of the studio after I get things "just right".

Remember my amaryllis that I wrote about just before Christmas?  Well, here she (all flowers are she's in my world) is! Ta Da!

Such a beauty!  The other two I planted, are doing fine except they are just sending up leaves instead of flowers.  I did everything I read to do, plus numerous conversations with my friends at the neighborhood nursery.... no luck.  Oh well, I'll tend to them and try again next year.

Hope your holiday was fabulous.  I'll be around soon checking in with everybody.


Tracy said...

the clutches are adorable! and since I love pink, I certainly like the colors-

Also the amaryllis is gorgeous...what a beautiful reddish orange.

I also have a very old sweing machine; an Aldens brand and it does fancy stitching even but my mother had it before I was even born and that was 51 years ago so it's definitely a relic....glad you're back.

Julia said...

Wow, your Amaryllis is spectacular and so are your two new clutches.
I have a new Huskavarna sewing machine that the kids bought me several years ago and it has all the bells and whistles on it and every time I use it I have to dig out the operator manual as I don't sew often anymore. It sews like a charm and my other one was worn out.

I'm trying spend more time being creative but it seems I'm pulled away to see what my blogger friends are up to and it consume my spare time.

Have a great weekend. JB

Tammy Burks said...

Can't wait to see how the studio is taking shape! Love the new goal is to finish the binding on my 2nd garden rug this weekend and stitch together a pillow....we'll see! :)

Amy McPheeters said...

Hi Dulcy. The little clutches are adorable! I started a new rug on January 1 - then promptly got the flu! But I'm back at it now. You guys stay warm - sounds like you are having fun fixing up a new work space. Hi to Jim!

Cathy G. said...

Hi Dulcy,
New workspace, New Year, what could be better than that! When we get serious about our craft a designated work space is essential.
Your little bags are so precious! The Amaryllis is gorgeous!
Have fun creating on that wonderful machine.... It's mind boggling to think that the old ones will probably out last us as long as we keep them well oiled.... same for us so don't forget the olive oil on your salads!
Cathy G

Dreaming Woods said...

Dulcy, thank you for your note on my blog. i would have sent e-mail to you, but did not find your addy. but i am glad that this way i found your blog also. you are so very creative with yarns, i am almost jealous!

and we share the love for Julia's pottery. i have now begun to order something from her almost every month, just because her pottery brings so much joy and reminds me of Beatrix Potter whom i love dearly.


Jennifer Richardson said...

dulcy, your world is
marvelous to visit
...the colors and creativity
always inspire me.
I so admire the life
you've built.
Altogether beautiful!

Julia said...

Dulcy, thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful comment on my blog. It makes me feel so good to read your comments. I've never met you, but each time I read your blog or read your comments I have a feeling that you are a sweet and caring person and that you are also very serene and peaceful.
I know that you are very talented because I saw your drawings and your little clutches and that brings a smile on my face each time I see them. Hugs, JB

My rug is taking long to hook because I seldom sit down long enough to hook.

Nancy said...

I always love coming to visit you and see your new projects....I love these clutches; they are beautiful.....and your amaryllis is gorgeous.......

I'll be checking in to see what you've done with your are off to a great start.....I just changed my all know the new year and new beginnings needed my room to look new for the start of this year..
Every time I change it, I think it looks better but then I always find a way to change it again...WE girls have to have fresh sometime....

Thanks so much for coming by and leaving your sweet comments....They make my day...


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey these cluthes are just adorable. I love them.
Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your studio.
Your amaryllis is lovely. I so wanted to do that this year and after seeing yours I wish now that I had tried it. lol
Aren't they just beautiful.
Glad you liked my idea about the weight loss page. It has been on the back of mind every since I started gaining weight after my fall. No more 12 hour shifts if putting the pounds on me. Everyone says they can't tell but you know how friends are to you.
My thoughts were if I put myself out there for the world to see maybe it would make be work at it harder. It may be the shortest project I have ever posted. hahahaha
I am dying to sometime this week or next to have a giveaway. My plans is to give the winner a gift certificate to one of my followers that sell their creative pieces. So therefore two winners. One of you sellers and then of course the winner.
So watch for it too.
Wonder what I could name the weight loss page. Ms Piggy or you mentioned a kicker way to start the year. What could I use with Kicker. How about Ms Pearls Diet. haha
Have a wonderful creative week

Unknown said...

Dulcy, I can't wait to see your new studio all set up. Soundsike a good excuse for a wintertime party!!!
And I LOVE LOVE your newest clutches. I'll have Togo over to your Etsy store and get one.
I just now got your phone message about the line -SORRY-we're getting rid of the land line and I was getting ready to give my cordless to my mom when I thought I'd better check for any last messages!
talk to ya soon
XO, Sheri

Relyn Lawson said...

GEEZ!! You just get better and better. Katie told me about her Christmas present from you. She's giddy, my friend. Giddy.