Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And I Hook.................

Below you will find a couple of shots of my new rug "Summer Jewels", or as I tend to call it, "The Last Big Rug!"  I've been hooking like mad for the last week, and this week at least two hours a day.  Backgrounds can take forever, but fortunately for me, I'm loving this dusty blue as it contrasts next to my designs.  Since I've used several designs and colors in this piece, deciding on a background that works throughout the rug was a bit of a challenge.  But.... I'm completely in love with this shade of blue!

Yesterday I did a bit garden shopping at our neighborhood nursery, Wickman Gardens.
I found this lovely statue of a little girl with her two kittens.  Isn't she just so sweet?  You can see a bit of our blooming lilacs above her head.

Below is a quick shot of our "Big Willow".  My kitties think that being on the screened porch is the same as being outside.  A couple of our neighborhood outdoor cats like to come to the porch screen door and mock them with their freedom.

I walked along my favorite creek trail yesterday, and was so happy to find clumps of bluebells!  I think they are such a gorgeous shade of blue, and just the most delicate little things....... sending you springtime wishes for happy and wonderful days ahead!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Your rug is stunning! The blue is lovely against all the colors. How sweet to find bluebells. I wish they grew wild up here. Lilacs are one of my all time favorite flowers. I had very old ones at my last house (it was my Grammy's house) and I have two bushes here, but I had to prune them way back when I moved in and I'm hoping they'll give me a blossom or two this year. The buds are fat enough!
Have a wonderful day.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

The rug is so beautiful. It is a lovely blue. Then bluebells!
Next thing you know you'll be seeing bluebirds fly over your house.......

Cathy G. said...

Oh Dulcy! I'm completely in LOVE with your rug! I can't believe how much you have done! Love the blue background and what I can see of the little bird with nest...... so sweet!
Your garden statue is lovely! I've been hooking like mad too and almost done with Mary's Garden Rug!
Enjoy these gorgeous Spring days and the Bluebells!
Cathy G

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

What a beautiful rug Dulcy and the blue is perfect!
I love the photo of the kitty, what a sweetheart!
Have a wonderful evening!
Tina xo

Julia said...

Dulcy, I knew that you would choose a lovely background. Your rug looks so fresh.

It must be spring fever because I've been hooking like mad this week too. I finished hooking my Grandmother's Trunk Challenge rug and I'm almost done whipping the edges. Our group will reveal our rugs on the 15th of April.

I'm envious of your lilac tree. Maybe I should plant some this spring. JB

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love sharing all the firsts of
Spring with blogger friends
around the country
...the season stretches out long
and slow this way!
Your rug makes my heart
do a little dance...gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing the sweetness
of your days....bluebell love
to you:)

coinguyslady said...

Your rug is looking great.I have been hooking a lot the last 2 weeks too.

susan jenkins said...

Your rug is just beautiful! I love the blue, serene and cool next to all the color. Great choice!
I just love the cement statue, lilacs above. All beautiful!!


Pixie said...

Hi there Dulcy, really really stunning rug and the blue is just beautiful, i think i want this one too, in fact i want all your makes, they are just so inspiring. Brilliant. x Pixie x

Relyn Lawson said...

What a lovely spring you are having. Magical, really. I miss you.

Kathryn Glover said...

Your rug is so beautiful. I love the different texture of the sunflower petals. The soft blue background is perfect with the flowers,too. I looks completed to me.

Kathryn Glover said...

I'm back again. I just love your rug so much I bought one of your bags on etsy. I enjoy seeing your pictures on FB. Getting to know you.