Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robin Love

There are robins all over the place, and they make me soooo happy!  I took a walk in a beautiful park today.  The path followed the sweetest creek where I spotted a pair of nesting ducks, and later, a pair of nesting Canadian geese.  Robins were simply everywhere!  I finished this pastel last week.  I love it's sort of angry little face, and the orange of the breast.  I had a lot of fun playing with my orange and pinkish orange pastels while working this one.  Now, time to go outside and bring in fresh lilacs (yes, they just opened up today!).  I really love the scent of lilacs in the house!

p.s.  My good friend and teaching buddy Relyn of Come Sit By My Fire is profiling bloggy friends about their personal passions.  She has included me in today's post, and will continue with other passion profiles throughout the month of April.  Thanks Relyn for inviting me to share a tiny bit of my world on your lovely blog! xoxo


Sassafras and Winterberry said... all time favorites! Your robin is just the greatest! All puffed out and ready for SPRING! Very nice!

Julia said...

Wow Dulcy, robins and lilacs, already... We still have lots of snow on the ground this spring with this latest storm we had over the weekend. Winter keeps coming back and spring has lost it's way... :(

Your robin is such a pleasant sight. I can't wait to see my first real one so I can make my wish. :)Your pastel robin looks so welcoming. JB

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Lilacs? You lucky duck!! Ours are just beginning to bud! Love your little birdy ~ your talent abounds!

Unknown said...

That is awesome art. Love that Robin.

Cathy G. said...

Lilacs! Oh I can't imagine you are so far ahead of us up here in the North land! But we do have Robins! Your pastel is just wonderful Darcy! Love the little bird legs on him... just plain adorable! I think Robins are a sign of hope!
Cathy G

Pixie said...

Hi there Dulcy, thank you, thank you for your lovely comments about my art, i am never too sure about it myself, but then we never look at our own creations in quite the same way as others do. As for my journal i just tend to put in whatever happens to be attracting my attention at the time, i quite like the not knowing of whats going to appear on the next page, are you like that with your rugs, do you have an idea for a while before you start, or does something just grab your attention and then you create?.
Lovely robin also, i love robins we had one that would watch us do the gardening.
Oh,and Bix sends you a catty thank you too. x Pixie

susan jenkins said...

I just love your Robin! Such personality!
How I wish we could grow lilacs here!Signs of Spring! Lovely!

xo Susan

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy. I read with interest your writing about your passions and and I'm very impressed by your wisdom at your age. I'll be 65 soon and it took me a long time to accumulate the little bit of wisdom that I have.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Hugs, JB

Jennifer Richardson said...

swooning over your fiesty little robin:)
And loved reading about your passion
for the earth
at Relyn's fireside.
I so get that; I'm so grateful
for every moment I get to spend
on this magnificent planet.
It speaks to me and I call it friend.
I wonder what your lilacs will whisper
over the weekend:)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I just love this picture of your Robin. It is really one of a kind and just awesome.
I too love lilacs and nothing better to have in your home.
On my way now to read about you on your friend Relyn site
Hope your having a wonderful weekend