Friday, July 29, 2011

Creating To Stay Cool!

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on Jim and Lily's books in my previous post.  Very much appreciated!

I've been riding out the heat in my studio, AC humming, while listening to books on CD.  Actually, I've been having the best time!  As a result of being forced inside, I created this sunflower tote.

Hooked with wool, and lined in a pretty soft teal plaid wool.  I have a wonderful collection of vintage buttons that I dug into for the closure and to secure the strap.  Found some really cute ones that work nicely.  This sweet little bag is 8"x10" with a 28" strap,  and is currently listed in My Little Handbag Shop.  You may notice it is now "My Little Handbag Shop" minus the patterns.  I'm going to concentrate on making one of a kind bags.... no two alike.  I really enjoy just getting into what would look interesting and sort of "WOW" for a handbag.  Choosing colors is my favorite part, along with construction and watching the whole piece come together.  I'm creating art bags that I would want to carry.  So, I may only have a new bag in the shop occasionally, perhaps two to three at a time at most.  No patterns for now.  I'll just see how it goes.

I've also been on somewhat of a knitting binge.  I was knitting a pair of socks, and just not really loving the wool.  So.... I purchased this nice and bright Alpaca from Peru.

 So soft to work with, and knits up like a dream....

I also bought this pretty yarn.  It's a cotton/nylon combo.  I love how it has these little bumpy things that give the impression of rosebuds, which is what it looks like knitted up.  I've got a pattern for a pretty swirly scarf that I'm saving this for.  I have an upcoming surgery that will keep me laid up for a bit, so this is a project I'm saving for my recuperation period.

These yarn balls look a lot like three luscious tomatoes!  Off topic, but Missouri tomatoes are like eating cake.  My current treat is tomato sandwiches.  I toast some bread, lay on the sliced tomatoes,   a bit of salt and pepper, and spread with mayo that I've mixed with fresh basil from my herb garden.  Oh my gosh.... summer heaven!

I'm still working with pastels, and am just about done with this heron .  Working with the blues and greens has been fun... and I really liked trying to get the feel of this sandy beachy sort of spot.  I'm hoping to start a new piece next week.

Well.... time to get outside and continue my never ending plant watering.  Everything is more or less hanging in there.  It's worth the hassle because once it cools a bit and fall comes on, things seem to pop back prettier than ever (I hope.....).  Stay cool, create, read, and enjoy a wonderful weekend!


Cathy G. said...

Wonderful art bag Dulcy! Love the sunflower! Your talents with knitting and choosing the perfect yarns is amazing! Loving that nylon combo with the rosebuds!
Your heron art is fabulous!
I hope your upcoming surgery goes well and you are back to creating in no time. This heat can't last forever although it seems like it's been forever here! The little bit of cool we've had gives promise!
Wonderful post!
( I NEED to get back to my studio Waaaahhh!)
Cathy G

Jennifer Richardson said...

grace and love whooshing your way
for the surgery and recovery time;
hope you're surrounded by beauty,
doted on lavishly,
tomato-sandwiched lovingly
and surrounded by soft, cool pillows
while healing happens quickly.
And that the garden fairies
keep your pretties well watered
while their mistress is
Do keep us posted
(and loving all of your creatings!)


Pixie said...

Dulcy i just love the new bag that you have made, love, love,love it....and i really love the new yarn...its really does look tomatoee....we don't have yarn
like that here in England....and the pastel looks very lovely.....i envy your ability to knit socks thats one thing i have never tried, it always looks really complicated..i shall have to give it a try....lovely post Dulcy take care Pixie x

Unknown said...

Love your new bag....teal is my favorite color and I love how you used it with the reds and yellows. I've also been on a knitting binge this summer.....mostly due to the heat and no AC!
Sending positive thoughts out that your surgery and recovery goes well.

susan jenkins said...

hi dulcy, i so love all of your busy-ness! Happy that you will have a shop for your beautiful bags and the new is just beautiful!
The heron is just terrific!!Also drooled at the thought of your tomatoe sandwiches and love the yarn!!
Stay cool and warm wishes !
xx Susan

Nancy said...

I am so excited I can hardly hold myself.....I started to read your post when I noticed you said you had put that beautiful bag on Etsy....I immediately stopped reading and went to your shop and bought it......I have wanted a piece of your work I have it.....I am so happy.......

Love the yarn, love the heron, and the tomatoes but LOVE that bag.......

Please let me know when you have surgery so I can be praying for your fast recovery......

Hugs and blessings,

Debi said...

Dulcy, what beautiful work. It truly is an art. That little sunflower bag is just precious. I love the red colors. I think of fall (I think we are all). Sounds like you have some quiet time projects lined up for your scheduled surgery. Stay in touch with that. Debi

Relyn Lawson said...

Hey, you. I sure was hoping for a girlfriend date this summer. SIGH! I’ve been a blogging slacker lately. Jeffrey and Sloane were gone for two weeks and I found myself completely absorbed by house projects; an unintentional blog break. Now we're on a long, long road trip. We’re in Arizona now and I have a bit of time on the computer – finally! I was having withdrawls from being away from my blogger buddies so long, I tell you. I hope your summer continues to be as wonderful as it sounds here. Love to you.

Kathryn Glover said...

Hey Dulcy. I've missed you, but my own fault. My charge for the summer has just turned 13 and we are having a great summer. I love your heron picture. What are you doing now with your load of pastel drawings? You should work on getting a show together. I love your new bags, too! I hope your upcoming surgery is not too serious. I knitted an entire sweater on my back, and every time I wear it I am reminded of my hospital stay. But in a good way. Handwork and wellness go together. Your tomatoes must be wonderful to describe so well your sandwiches. You've made everyone hungry for them. Yum! Knit well.