Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heat, Hawks, and Hooking!

I'm going to share with you a few odds and ends I've been working on here at the doorstep, but first I just want to take a moment to give all of you a huge "Thank You!" and an on-line hug.  I was a little bit apprehensive about posting all about myself turning 60 and such, but the comments you gave back  just blew me away!  It was like getting 27 awesome birthday cards......... very special to me.  I'm going to print off my comment page (if that's possible) to save and read when I'm feeling a little blue.

It's been very, very hot here!  I've been watering morning and evening, then try and spend the rest of the day inside.  As a result of the heat, I've gotten some studio time in this past week.  Last weekend we went to visit our friends Mike and Amy.  You may know Amy from Amy's Dusty Trail.

Amy has all her wool worms organized on specially made shelves by her husband, Mike.  She uses bread baskets for storage.  Its' all so organized and pretty.  So..... I perused Walmart yesterday and found five similar baskets on sale for $9.00 apiece.  I bought all five, and with a couple of others was able to become somewhat organized myself!

I was digging through plastic freezer bags, and it just wasn't working for me.  Now I can see what I've got..... so much easier.  I keep my uncut wool in the house in a cabinet I bought just for showing off the beautiful colors.  I keep it open, and looking at all the rich color every day helps to keep me inspired.

Here's what I've been hooking lately.....

It's sort of a totem piece.  Our home with the various wildlife that grace our property. I've prodded some clematis climbing around the edge.  I've been using all worms for this piece, so getting organized has saved a lot of time and frustration.

I've also been playing around some with my pastels.  I've been working on this heron which is a long way from being finished.
I'm so loving working with the blues and greens!

And since we're on the topic of large birds, here's a quick shot taken from my laundry room of two young cooper's hawks enjoying some time spent resting on our arbor.  
There seems to be four youngsters in this flock.  They whistle constantly, and you should see them try and fit in the birdbath!  My hubby got great shots of that that I'll post later.
That's it for now.  Stay cool, and have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!!!!  Oh, and for those of you who don't celebrate this particular holiday, have a fabulous weekend!


Unknown said...

Dulcy, you are JUST BEGINNING to live & love at this age. Enjoy the beauty of the age & life.

May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

Happy 4th, sweetie.


Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, thanks for the link to Amy's blog. I joined her followers.

I love what you did with the baskets. I'm a big user of baskets too for my wool and worms. I buy then from the secondhand store. I roll my wool swatches and I like how colorful they look in the baskets.

It's always interesting watching you work on your pastels.

What a great picture of those hawks.

I hope that you had a great 4th of July. Hugs. JB

Charlotte said...

Dulcy, your rug is just gorgeous, I like the linking of each image. I
once tried to felt something like this, but it didn't have the coherence yours has.

The hawks are magnificent; your husband took a good shot of them there.

It's hot and humid here in the UK as well. Energy sapping, so not much gets done.

Pixie said...

Hi Dulcy, i have to say i am very envious of the wildlife that you get in your garden, how fantastic to have such stunning birds as hawks just taking a rest stop on your arbour... amazing.
And the new totem piece you are making is looking really lovely, looking forward to seeing it finished....i really would love to try my had at rug hooking, you make it look so enticing....i guess thats another thing to put on my list of 'things to do',...anyway....lovely post Dulcy....Pixie x

Jennifer Richardson said...

how I love to visit
you and your beautiful world had me at "hawks"
this week.
LOVING on those coopers
and your pastel of the heron
...Dulcy! you're really amazing
with those pastels!
Swooning over that.
Love the hooking you're doing
...just love, love, love:)
beautiful share...thanks.

coinguyslady said...

I love your post and I love the pics of the hawks.You must have a very peaceful home.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy,

Your new rug is just wonderful! I love the theme of home and garden and your totum rug is already beautiful!
Love the idea of getting organized, oh how I try! Looks like you've done it in a marvelous way!
I love the pictures of your beautiful surroundings too!Happy 4th!!

Leah said...

I love your totem rug! That's a fantastic idea. And your heron is beautiful of course. Thanks for the pictures of the hawks too! :)

Gayle said...

You're so lucky to visit Amy in person! I've been a big fan of hers for awhile now and I first saw her wonderful worm baskets when I read some older entries on her blog. What a great way to organize things! Your totem rug looks great!

Amy McPheeters said...

Yay! Baskets! I just knew you would do the baskets when you got home to your beautiful Doorstep! Fantastic - I think you will really love how easy it is to see all the different colors you have to work with. We sure enjoyed seeing you and Jim - wish we were closer and could do that more often. I LOVE the totem rug!!! The wildlife is so much fun to have around... except we now have another skunk to contend with. The neighbors dog got skunked a couple of nights ago. It's always something! Stay cool - would love to see progress photos on the totem!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love the basket idea. Now I just need to actually set up the studio. Happy Belated Birthday. I just got internet service late yesterday so I'm way behind on keeping tabs on everyone. I hope you had a wonderful day. Your pastel is beautiful. My mother is an artist and works with pastels quite a bit. I love the richness of them. Very cool hawks.

Pixie said...

Hi Dulcy, lovely to hear from you again.
Yes, i know what you mean the japanese magazines/catalogues are all really enticing, and i have been really really pleased with the ones that i have received, but they are just for crochet none of them have knitting in so i don't know what they would be like, i wonder if you may have to just take a gamble and get one to see what its like, thats the thing with crochet you can just have a pattern to follow as well as instructions but knitting is a bit differant isn't it, let me know what you decide to do it would be lovely to see whats inside a japanese knitting book, im quite curious.
Pixie x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dulcy that totem rug is wonderful, its so personal.
What I like about organizing is it eliminates confusion when you are going for a tool or color. All concentrating can go into the creating part!

Pixie said...

Hi there Dulcy, and a huge hug and thank you for all the lovely comments that you made over at the 'crafte nook', you made my day.
Im afraid the pattern for the shawl was one that i just made up, its just a half a 'granny shape', if you want to know what the pattern for a half granny is i am more that happy to email you some instructions for it if you want to have a go.
Oh, and how envious am I off you for having all that access to all the back issues of Selvedge, i know its nice to have the magazines but you can see them all, and I think I know the one you mean with Julie Arkel in, is that the greeny coloured front cover one, i really must buy that one and add it to my collection.
And yes' i do have a workshop booked with her in November, I am really really looking forward to it, I can't wait.
Its really nice to have something to look forward to later on in the winter months, whats also exciting is I think she brings along some of her creations with her for you to so excited...
Take care Dulcy and thank you again for all your lovely comments
Pixie xx