Monday, September 19, 2011

Feeling Good, and Loving Hedge Apple Green!

So sorry for the long absence, and thank you friends for checking in with me.  I'm doing sooo much better since my foot surgery, although still painful and using one crutch.  This annoying pain comes on mostly in the evening and causes lack of a peaceful night's sleep, and good sleep is one of my life's priorities.  Which..... if not achieved..... leads to lethargy and crankiness.  But, today I feel rested, am blogging, and enough of these kinds of issues already!

Now, I will address my dear friend Tammy's latest post.

Maybe you can make the connection quicker than some people (Kenny?..........).  Of course, if you're not familiar with hedge apples, this is completely lost on you.  Sorry.  These are shots of my almost new car I bought just short of a year ago.  It's my baby Fiesta, and I love it!  After driving my entire life with a standard transmission (many small cute cars over the years), this automatic four door is a dream....... is this a sign of age?  Oh, and it's completely synched up with everything.  It's kind of like driving around inside my computer.

I'm starting to feel like I can get back to the studio and start pastel painting again.  I paint mostly standing up, so a bit of a strain at the moment.  I played around with the art app on my iPad during the course of this lengthy recovery, and here's a couple of paintings I did.  I just copied parts of magazine photos I found interesting since I wasn't able to set up a still life from my reclined position.  It's quite like using Photoshop with the layering techniques.  I paint with my finger, and after some practice, was able to mix color, shade, add lights and shadows, etc.

The above is a piece of a fall crafting photo I found in an older edition of British Country Living.  And beneath I found these bottles in another BCL where I just played around with trying to get the idea of old glass.   I did my own version of a couple of bottles from that particular photo.

I've gotten quite a bit of knitting done, and will post some of that later.  My brain simply has not been able to wrap itself around an idea for a new rug hooking project (too much anesthetic?).  So..... yesterday I called my buddy Tammy (hedgeapples from above), and threw out some color and shape ideas to her.  For some reason, when I talk art with Tammy, she can help me sort through my muddled ideas of colors and shapes that just weren't going anywhere.  Anyway, I'm very excited about my new project that evolved as we brainstormed.  I don't have anything down on paper, yet alone linen, but looking forward to moving ahead with a new hooking project for fall and winter!  Oh, one more fiber project I hope to be able to share soon, is a new wrap made on my tri loom.  But first, I have to finish building the loom.  Actually my man about the house built it for me, but it's still missing the nails..... and it requires A LOT of nails.  Maybe this week?  Well, overdoing things is what's been getting me in trouble for the past month.  So..... we'll just have to see how it goes. 

Thanks for reading my Monday ramblings, and wishing you a lovely week ahead.....


Cathy G. said...

That car is sooooo you!!Fabulous! Love the license plate! I never knew what a hedge apple was until Tammy's post and didn't know cars came in that color til now!! I hope your next rug has some of that color in it!! It's wonderful!
It has to be so hard to remember to take it a little easy when our minds continue to remind us of all the things we want and need to do! I think you are accomplishing a lot with your artwork on the Ipad! Pretty High Tech and awesome!
Sending good thoughts for continued progress and healing my friend!

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, it's so good hearing from you that you are on the mend. That car ((ROCKS)).

I must say that I never heard of hedge apples either until today.

Your computer art is amazing. I hope to see some pictures of your knitting soon. I hope tht you get a good night sleep soon. Hugs, JB

Julia said...

I just enlarged and saw the license plate. What a smart idea and you will also remember your license plate. JB

Kim said...

Very cute car. And it does make me understand Tammy's post now.
You can do some pretty amazing things on the ipad.

Jennifer Richardson said...

adore the hedgeapple car
and your artplay
and happy to hear
you're almost back on your feet
and in the studio again!
Enjoy the balmy light
as Autumn comes on
...sweet sleep to you, friend.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy! So happy to know you are on the mend! good to see your post and how fun with the ipad paintings!! Car is adorable!
Looking forward to seeing your new beautiful hooking when you are ready!!
xx Susan

summersundays-jw said...

Well, this explains Tammy's post. Love the car. So glad you're feeling better. Trust me, I feel your pain. I broke my foot several years ago & I spent about 4 mths. on crutches & laying on the couch. No fun!!!! Take care. Jan

ShabbySheep said...

Dulcy, glad to hear you're doing well, but sounds like maybe you're doing too much? I know how easy that is to do when your mind is going 50 mph and your butt isn't moving!!!
I got a kick out of the hedgeapple story too. It's a really cute car.
If you feel up to it, I'd like to come by this week and visit a little. I'll call you tomorrow. Remind me for you to show me the ipad art. Never seen that app!!!
xo, Sheri

susan jenkins said...

Dulcy, thankyou for pinning my pieces to your pinterest site!! I had never heard of it!! I'm so honored!
Thankyou for your sweet comment on my little hearts too!!
I'm so glad you are doing better and driving!! On the mend!!Can't wait to see your new work when you are ready!!
xx Susan

Pixie said...

Hi Dulcy, yes...probably a bit of a long way for you to come to the festival, i shall hopefully have some piccies to show never know you may be able to smell the aromas from your porch ;)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I am glad you are limping on and imagining new projects!! I like your pastel painting of the two ink bottles, the colors are so appealing!

:-} Lorraine

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Dulcy - I hope you are continuing to feel better since your surgery - it is really no fun to be left having to take it easy - people just think it would be great - but after a while I am sure it gets old.

I would be using the time to knit knit knit!! I look forward to seeing what projects you have done while on your recovery.

Just gotta say - love the green car and am crazy about hedge apples!!

Keep feeling better!


Charlotte said...

Love the art on the digital thingy.
Thanks for your lovely comments about the bears etc. I am having so much fun with them.

I got lots of ideas from the Marrimekko site and from a book by Phaidon: The Map Book. I'm looking forward to see any new rugs.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your car is really cool. I love it and glad it is not a standard.
Sorry your in so much pain with your surgery. I know how hard it is to not get the sleep you need. I am starting to be a real cranky grandma myself. lol
Don't over do it and have a wonderful weekend

Relyn Lawson said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I've been thinking about you.