Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bits of This n' That

Golly.... sorry to have taken so long between posts.  I guess seasonal activities and an annoying fluy kind of cold set me back a bit.  Hubby and I had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday in Chicago.  Nothing says the holidays like being in downtown Chicago on the day after Thanksgiving.  Below is a shot of us in front of the Robie House, a Franky Lloyd Wright home that we toured.

Next is a photo of the reason we were up there, my lovely and talented step-daughter, Lily 
and our fabulous son-in-law, Jesse.

 Oh, and poochies, Joanie and Louie.

 A few glimpses of downtown Chicago...

Yes, it's wall to wall humanity, but when you're just there to soak up the people, art, culture, and.... when there's no car parks to deal with (we rode the train), it's simply fabulous!!

I don't know about you, but whenever I travel, I can't wait to get home and start creating and crafting!!  The stimulation of travel always gets my juices flowing and gives me an extra jolt of adrenaline, not unlike a trip to Starbucks.

I've been hooking quite a bit, and hedge apple rug traveled with me to the big city.  I love working with these colors, and am anxious to start the border.  I'm not completely sure how the border design is going to play out, but I'm envisioning it as a completely different design than the rug, using colors that compliment and pop.

If you read my previous post, you may remember my pitiful whine about knitting sock toes.  I mean, for someone who has knitted a dozen pairs of socks, you'd think I'd have it down cold.  Well.... bloggy friend Dag from Sheep On A Spring came to my rescue.  She emailed directions for a brand new way to do my sock toes.  No more pointy ends, or confusing kitchner stitches for me.  Since I was sick and slightly dopey at the time, this did take more than one email to get me straightened out.  But Dag was so patient with my drug induced confusion, and once the first toe was done I had it down to a socky toe art.  Now, I'm knitting yet another pair, because I got this wonderful self-striping yarn on sale and needed some socks in black and white.

Cute, cute, cute!

I found this nice variegated Noro wool from Japan.  I'm knitting this twirly scarf for a Christmas gift exchange that my book club is having.  Such pretty colors......

  Lastly..... thanks for staying with me...... I've been working on a seasonal pastel.  I copied a photo in an old British Country Living..... the absolute best magazine I know of for lovely photos and articles that make me happy.  It's American sister mag doesn't even begin to compete. The pastel's not quite finished, and has been a bit of a challenge, but I'm almost there.

I'm sorry if I haven't been by and left a comment at your blog.  Hopefully, this week I'll pop by at some point and check in.

OH....... one more picture of our new little sweetie, Violet.



Unknown said...

Chicago is alive with interesting happenings all year round, for sure. Nice place to visit, glad you had a wonderful time.

Your rug is gorgeous!

Have a beautiful week ~

PS Drop by for our GIVEAWAY

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I just love Chicago! It's a wonderful city! Great rug, great socks, and great rug progress!! Love hearing from you!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Awww I love the photo of Violet! I just adore all the lovely photos of the big city too. I am a city girl born and bred and during the holidays I miss all the great decoration and department store displays. I agree with your assessment of the British Country Living magazine. I used to pick it up all the time when I lived in Montreal, sadly it isn't available here in my little upstate New York town.
Glad you are back and well, I can hardly wait to see the finished rug!
Tina xo

Cathy G. said...

Hi Dulcy,
Good to see you posting! Your work is divine as usual!
I wish I could squeeze in some knitting somewhere in my life...... maybe later this winter! LOVE those yarns! The recipient of the scarf is going to be thrilled!
Your pastel is wonderful! Is the British Country Living still in print?
Keep up with all your wonderful creating and hooking!
The rug is gorgeous as is that little sweet Violet!
Cathy G

Nancy said...

What a fun trip. There's nothing like being in the city to get your juices flowing...So much energy flowing everywhere.....

I want to try this sock toe solution...I too dislike finishing the toes but love wearing hand knitted socks...Thanks for sharing....

You always have so much going on knitting, painting, hooking that I leave your blog energized and motivated....

Have a great week sweet friend....

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, I've missed your blog. I haven't blog much either as my life has been very busy on the farm and at home. By the time I leave comments on my followers' blogs there's no time to post on my own blog. I seem to always read others blogs first and think of my own last. lol...

I love the black and white socks, it has such a nice pattern. Neat yarn. The scarf is delicious too. Someone will be very happy to receive it.

Violet blends right in in your pretty happy colors. What a sweet kitty.

Chicago is full of amazing things to see but I've never been there, only seen it on TV and in films. I'm more of a small city girl or country girl. I'm always happy when I see my city lights. I'm glad that you got your batteries recharged and got your creative juices flowing again. I'm waiting to see what you create.
Your pastel looks good enough to be on display at an art gallery. Great picture of you and hubby.
Have a fabulous December. JB

summersundays-jw said...

I've missed you. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago. Guess that means the foot is good. Take care! Jan

Dag said...

:-) thanks for the honorable mention!!
boy, that cat is gorgeous!! wonderful load of pics of your past weeks - looks like you had lots of fun! and yes, keep hooking and knitting and painting - we wanna see it all!
happy holiday season!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Glad you're over that nasty virus
....I've had the ugliest bout
with a bug in many years
and it was a bear to beat.
Your photos are delicious!
Soooo loving your stunning pastel!
Hope these December days
find your heart merry and bright:)

Maggie's Meltdown said...

sounds like a fun trip and much beautiful work. share a hug with jim from me

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy! I am so glad to see you back with new and beautiful work!! Your pastel is beautiful and I too love Englands Country Living magazine. I have lots of them. Very inspiring!
Love, love the rug you are working on and your darling socks and your kitty!
The yellow light in the photographs in Chicago are wonderful! All fun!
xo Susan

Pixie said...

Hey Dulcy...good to hear your back, and the pictures of Chicago are just lovely, i do love seeing where other people have been or are going on there travels.
Love all the creative goodies that you are working on especially the sockies, i have been having a go at knitting my very first pair, all a bit daunting but i am getting there slowly....knitting socks just shouldn't be rushed ;)...

Good to hear you back
Pixie x

Pixie said...

Me again...i forgot to say Violet looks just adorable.

Charlotte said...

Hi Dulcy,
do your talents have no end? The pastel is lovely and I think the rug is set to be a classic.

I can't imagine what Chicago is like, I find big cities scary and am not keen on crowds; but it looked like a lot of fun.

Seasons greetings to you and yours, I hope it is peaceful, joyful and fun
Charlotte. xxx

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Who doesn't love Dag?! :O) Love the photos of Chicago - I have never been there but it seems like a great city to visit. aaaah, socks - I love knitting socks!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful post full of great photos! I would love to visit a Frank Lloyd Wright house some day. I think I've seen pictures of the one you visited. Thanks for sharing your pics!

SHerry @ A Happy Valentine


Never been to Chicago but have a few friends who go often...maybe they'll take me some day! Your story and photos are so inspiring. Thank you! I love your artwork and hearing about your progress with knitting, etc. I must check out that magazine you mention. I so love all things British! And what a lovely Kittypoo! You are truly blessed!

Please visit my blog sometime and say hello - I have a sweet fox print giveaway and a free downloadable pc desktop calender every month that you might enjoy-)

Cynthia Crane

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Dulcy your Noro wool looks so good!
Also your pastel work is warm and enchanting, I think you did a great job. As well I love your cat :-} animals always get a smile out of me.

LASTLY - Congrats on being my 100th follower!!

and long time commenter :)


J Linder said...

You are an amazing woman and a talent to be honored.
Thank you for inspiring me and giving me passion to blog!

Kathryn Glover said...

Dulcy, I've missed you. I hope you are all well from your surgery. I guess to take a jog around Chicago will test your feet. You are so creative and have so many beautiful things going. I've wanted to tackle sock knitting, but I have trouble using double-pointed needles. I knit the "English way", I think. Or European or Continental....something odd where I need the needles tucked under my arms. I love your pastel, but what a challenge with all the convex and concave curves. That's not easy!I would love to commission you to do a rug, but then it's a big one I want to pass down through the generations in my family. Years ago at the Met in NYC I saw a rug, not sure if it was hooked, in one of the rooms of the American Wing. It was so beautiful and its borders read "Who lives to nature never can be poor. Who lives to fancy never can be rich. Much learning shows how little mortals know. Much wealth how little worldings can enjoy. At best it babys us with endless toys And keeps us children till we drop to dust."

J Linder said...

I adore the photo of you and Jim in Chicago. Your GORGEOUS grey/silver/sexy/mod/hot/smashing hair is so AMAZING. Thank you for being my absolute hero. 6 more days and I will be transformed into silver hair too!
I loved our afternoon together.