Thursday, December 15, 2011

Check Out Luvvly Jubbly!!

I'm just so excited these days!  I guess it's because I'm so loving this time of life.  I've been hooking, knitting, and working with my pastels.... all so rewarding (sigh...).  But I'm way excited to introduce you to a smashing new blog created by my gorgeous and talented girlfriend Jessy .  Her blog is called Luvvly Jubbly and it's my first stop everyday.  Jessy is one of these fascinating people that's been in my radar for years.  Both our hubby's are photographers, we both attend indie movies, we are both the same age, we both art and craft, we both are retired, and...... well you get the picture.  So I would like you to meet Jessy!
Jessy has the most wonderful talent for recreating just about anything from thrifted items, and things found around the house.  She shares all these wonderful ideas on her blog with very detailed instructions, so we can all be more creative, thrifty, and have fun!  One of my favs are her HOBO tights.

I mean really...... how sweet and hoboie are these?!  We met for coffee the other day and she had on these....
Jessy made these cuties from men's pj's.  I LOVE them!

She also hobos up her sweaters.  This one is adorable.
Jessy was so sweet to share some of her scrappy hobo fabric remnants with me, so...... I worked a bit on an old blazer that's been hanging in the closet for way too many years without being worn.  It was part of my old life as a teacher.  I bought it because it's wool and nice and warm for recess duty, but it was always a bit too stern for me.  I softened it up a bit.

I used some nice brown velvet (Jesse has at least two new creations from this velvet... it started out as a shower curtain) and old antique paisley.  I ripped and added the blue cotton scarf because I love the blue against the brown.
I finished it off by removing the three tiny boring brown buttons from the sleeves and adding some fun vintage ones from my button collection.
And... there's a very cute patch on one elbow that I forgot to get in the shot, but it's the same fabric as my little handkerchief sticking out of the pocket.  The best part is having something brand new, fun, and spending zero $$!!

Well, I'm off to dig out my old cotton tights, some wool scraps, the sewing kit, and make myself some snuggly hobo tights!

Stay warm, create, and have fun!



Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Awesome!! I just love this re-purposing of stuff and adding the artsy flair...well, just sublime! I adore paisley and it looks great on that jacket. And the pop of blue with the scarf against the brown! Yes!
I'm headed over to your friend's blog now...

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Me, too ~ I'm on the way over!! Love her tights and your jacket!! Have fun ~ maybe I'll spruce up something from the closet!!!!!! Glad to hear from you!

J Linder said...

THANK YOU for the honor of being featured on your blog! Your HOBO coat is SO COOL! After I was able to take my eyes off your beautiful HAIR I fell in love with your coat. The blue is SMASHING with the brown. VERY clever and so so gorgeous on you.

Julia said...

What a departure from the usual. I don't think that I'm liberated enough to turn my jacket into a Hobo jacket or my tights just yet but I think that if you feel comfortable then more power to you dear friend. I must say that it's colorful. I may make some alterations but I'm not very brave, lol.

I'm off to check up on your friend's blog. JB

summersundays-jw said...

I'm going over to ck. her out. I've been into refurbishing some old jumpers I still had so maybe I'll get some ideas. Jan

Nancy said...

Dulcy, I love I love.....The real me loves artsy clothes and I need to follow my heart more in that area...I love your coat; the blue scarf is the perfect touch.....

Now I am over to check out your friend's blog.....

Love your hair; I am loving mine being white....wish I had done it along time ago....

Hugs and blessings,

Charlotte said...

Dulcy, what a wonderful post. Some of my favourite clothes have been thrifted ones, but I have never had the wit to make them this special.

I would love to live next door to your friend. I guess I will just have to live next door in blogland instead.

You both look fabulous in your upcycled clothes. All the best to you and yours for Christmas

Tammy Burks said...

OMG! I'm totally LOVING the you've got me wanting to rummage through my closet and recreate something! Anthropologie had NOTHING on you girl!

Cathy G. said...

You so inspire me and so many others! It's very freeing to express our creativity in how we dress! You look awesome and your hair is divine!!!!!! What you did with the jacket is way cool!
Thank-you for introducing us to Jesse! I'll be heading over there for more inspiration! Those tights!!! OMG this is fun!!!!
Cathy G

susan jenkins said...

Oh am I inspired! I LOVE this look soooo much! You are adorable with your upcycled "new" blazer!I want to try this !!!
Thank you for sharing!!
xx Susan