Thursday, December 22, 2011

HOBO Project #2

I dug out 2 sweaters that I've had for years and never wear.  The white cable is one I bought during my, now in the distant past, teacher life.  I felt I needed it to wear on Monday's when we had to wear the most horrid vest for our Character Ed. program.  I hated Mondays because I hated having to think about wearing that vest!  That may sound silly, but you know how Monday's can be, and having to wear something you don't like on top of the Monday crazies was not fun for me.  The other flowered number is a glass of wine, credit card, late night visit to the Anthropologie website.  I love Anthropologie, but this sweater and I never made friends..........
I did a bit of combining, patching, and finally soaking in left-over coffee and vanilla caramel teabags.
I also stretched the heck out of it before I let it dry on the drying rack.  The sash was from the Anthropologie sweater which I sewed along the bottom.  Then used various pieces of left-over wool for patches.


J Linder said...

THis sweater is A D O R A B L E!!!! What a transformation. May I borrow it, please?

Pixie said...

Dulcy i just love it..the transformation is just have reminded me to have a good root through my wardrobe and see what old bits and bobs i can find to upcycle....i do love a bit of thrift.
Which now gives me a good opertunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas/solstice and to thank you for being such a lovely bloggy friend. Have a good Christmas Pixie xxxx

Tammy Burks said...

So now with Christmas behind us, perhaps I can start creating again.....very inspiring!

Mary Stanley said...

Loving your HOBO projects and that latest rug!
Wishing you Happy Holidays and all good wishes for 2012!

Traci W. said...

I am so in love with this sweater!!! You did a great job. I will have to give this a try.