Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jessy Gets Her Grey On!

My "can't get enough of her" gal pal, Jessy,  has embarked on a fabulous new hair adventure!  She has decided to cut the dye, and invite her beautiful grey locks to grow in and shine.  This growing in of natural color can be quite a challenge.  Jessy decided to strip her current color, and go soft to let her silver and grey come in as naturally as possible.
We spent three hours of friendship and champagne while anxiously waiting the result of Jessy's superb hair colorist, Pam's, magic to do it's thing.
It's hard to tell in this shot, but the results is a super soft light color with bits of silver coming through.  There is grey coming in at the top, which will blend nicely over time.  I told Jessy, "Get used to people staring at your grey roots and streaks."  I don't know why, but letting silver shine tends to be a bit disconcerting for some.  Jessy has gorgeous blue eyes, and a wonderful pale complexion with tiny pretty freckles.  She is, and will be even more gorgeous when all her fabulous silver shines!



J Linder said...

I love this post, of course, because it is written about the friendship between US! You are such an amazing writer. I want you to write a book some day. Thank you for the luvvly afternnon.
I love you!
xo J

Charlotte said...

Lovely. Congratulations to Jessy. Embrace your outer grey (mine started at 20 and I have only attempted colour once). Now at 43 I am pepper and salt with a shake of toast crumb brown.

Happy Christmas to you both.
have a glass of champagne on me.

Pixie said...

And congratulations to Jessie for stepping over that threshhold.....BRILLIANT. X

Julia said...

Dulcy., I'm glad that you are having the time of your life with your friend. I love the idea of letting the natural gray take over. It's just natural. She's beautiful.

I show my age by shying away from more avant guard fashion but I always say, if you like how it looks and you can wear it with confidence then GO FOR IT. what Artsy people have a knack for wearing the unusual and they have fun.

I'm more on the conservative side and like the classic look for myself but I know that anything would look great on you.

Your rug is looking very promising.

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year Dulcy. JB

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I am severely allergic to hair dye - after a year of trying every kind on the market - including organic - I finally gave in and let my natural color shine (literally). Kellie says "wow! You have a lot of grey hair now." No, it's not grey - it's silver sparkles because I'm that fabulous! At first it really bothered me but I'm over it now. I'm 46 - It's natural - I'm good with that.