Friday, January 13, 2012

Cold and Windy Day Arts and Crafts

Yesterday was somewhat snowy and oh.... so cold!  Not a bad kind of day for me because it kept me close to home.  I was bound and determined to do a new pastel this week.  I wanted something different to set on my fireplace mantel.  I love this little old pitcher, so I just stuck some dried flowers in it and started laying down the color............
When I do a painting, I usually first think about the colors I would like to work with before I have an actual still life or design in mind.  This sort of aquay color is a color I gravitate to whether it's art, fabric, paint, whatever.   This piece measures 11"x14".

I'm just about finished with two long overdue projects.  I'm sure you'll also be pleased to see these done and off the blog!  Socks and hedge apple rug soon to be put to bed!
I really like laying this black, white, and grey sock wool against the colors of the rug.  This color and wool combination really pleases my eye.

I'm still enjoying knitting and felting the little heart rings.  I have a tiny army of them on my mantle.
Actually, five of these little guys have been sent out of town to friends, but more are in the works!  Why do I need so many?  They're fun and quick to make, fun to wear, and waaay fun as giveaway happys to friends!

Lastly, a quick shot of our Willow lazying by the fire on a very cold evening!

Stay warm and hopes for a most lovely weekend!


Julia said...

Goodness Dulcy, you've been busy. Your pastel is just lovely and looks so real. I had to look twice...

Willow is posing to look like a willow, the cute thing. Cats love the comfort of warm on a cold day.

Your rug and socks are almost finished. You sure didn't waste time.

We had a snow storm last evening and now the snow is melting. Stay safe and warm, Hugs. JB

Claire said...

Hey Dulcy,cat's have got relaxing down to an art form haven't they? Willow hasn't got a care in the world at the moment.......

Love your new painting, gorgeous colours, I'm a fan of aqua too.........Your felted rings look so sweet all lined up, maybe they are nice and warm to wear in the weather you are experiencing at the moment.

I am in awe of anyone who knits socks, but patterned socks now that's a whole new ball game. They look fabulous and against your rug, I can see why the colours please you.

Sending blue skies and sunshine from Oz,

Claire :}

Charlotte said...

Warm fire + great hooked rug = happy cat

Nancy said...

We seem to love the same colors; aqua in your pastel, which by the way is beautiful, and I love the apple green and hot pink in your rug.....

Now Willow, she's my kind of girl...all relaxed and dreaming away...she and Simon would be great friends...You gotta love these sweet cats...

J Linder said...

LOVE the pastel. It is one of those works of art that I want to stare at. It brings up happy and uplifting brain waves. You are so talented.
The socks are almost as cute on your feet as they are against your rug.....adorable both places. I am going to stare at your blog tonight. I read it all the way back to the beginning this week. Those little Springy clutches are so cute.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love those socks. I'm on a sock bent...though I need to get going on my rug! Too many hobbies...but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Your life is beautiful!
Really, it's such a pleasure
to drop by and just be
in this space:)
thanks for the dreamy share,
(your pastel is AMAZING!)

Kathryn Glover said...

Hi there Dulcy...I love this pastel. You work from life so well!