Friday, January 20, 2012

Embrace The Fray!

Several years ago I bought a set of sheets because I loved the pattern and they were made in France (what that has to do with anything, don't ask me).  I'm not proud to say that I spent way too much (wouldn't dream of doing that now), and was disappointed with how they have worn over the years.  I should have returned them, but it seem like too much trouble at the time.  On the flip side, I love how wonderfully soft they've become, even though they've been ripping and fraying at the seems and folds.  My fabulously creative friend, Jessy, had this wonderful post on her blog about "embracing the fray" and updating her old and soft bed linens.  Well, I got all inspired, as I do whenever I check out Jessy's blog, and got busy.
First, I ripped off the top edge of the top sheet because it was ripping off all by itself whenever I made the bed.  I then resewed it with my trusty old gal (I bought Ms. Singer used when I was 19 years old, and wouldn't part with her for the world).  I added the rick rack because I love rick rack, and..... because it is covering and holding together some tears.  Oh, and I left the lovely fraying edge at the top and just under the edge of the rick rack.  I love that part!

The pillowcases came next.............
Now.... these pillowcases required different kinds of repairs.  The fraying at the top was so bad it was starting to tear all over the place.  So, I gave up a tad of length and turned it under and let Ms. Singer do her thing.  I added the rick rack for the same reason as on the sheet...... tears and I love rick rack!
The corners had developed holes large enough to put your finger through.  Here's where I knew the bottom sheet would have to be sacrificed, which already had a tear down the middle and I hadn't used it in years.  I used it to make little corner pockets which I had to hand sew on.
It's not the neatest repair job, but I like it this way.  My hubby saw me at work, and asked if I was, "hoboing up our sheets?"  I told him to mind his own business, and he just rolled his eyes.  He knows that when I have out my sewing kit and scissors flying it's best to just walk away.  This may seem like an awful lot of time and work for an old set of sheets, and who knows if they'll last much longer.  I just love doing things like this!  I embrace the feeling of something old being reborn, not bringing new stuff into the house, and not spending any $$..... of course there was the rick rack expense..........

Other completed crafty projects are..........
Knitted socks done and ready for a walk.

All my little knitted rings found wonderful new homes in Seattle, thanks to Jessy..... I have since made these and am making more to be adopted, but in the meantime, I enjoy sitting them on the mantle.  I don't decorate for Valentine's, but do like this little touch of hearts.


Charlotte said...

Love the reborn sheets. I think making old and loved things new again is one of life's pleasures.

Great socks.

Thank you for your intro to Jessy, she is inspiring. I love her ideas and creativity.

Best wishes to you from cold and rainy Nottingham. Robin Hood would be huddling under the greenwood tree wishing for a waterproof hat right now.

Tracy said...

well, what a clever idea...I too love the pattern :)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love those socks...what yarn did you use? I need to hop over to Jessy's and see what she's up to. I love her ideas! I like to re-use as well...I guess that's why I've always been a consignment store hound!
Have a great weekend!

summersundays-jw said...

I love patching. Just when sheets get real comfy, they start fraying. Good job!

J Linder said...

L O V E the sheets. The rick rack is so clever. Everything you do is luvvly jubbly. I can't wait to see you in the socks!
Thank you again for the birthday rings for Aunt Nonie in Seattle. You are so good to me.
love you..xoxo

Pixie said...

The sheets look great Dulcy, i do love a bit of thrifty niftyness, and these are just fantastic....

Great sockies too.
Hugs Pixie x

Kathryn Glover said...

Throughout history to reinvent has been a skill of necessity to the pioneering women all over the world. Look how the patchwork quilt came to be in America. For so many women, it was their only creative outlet, as well. I love your sheets and you are wise to remake them. How truly special it must be to sleep between them for several more years. I love the flowers in the vase painting by your fireplace. I that yours? I love it!

Jennifer Richardson said...

SO over-the-moon inspired!!!
Those sheets are glorious
and I love the whole idea
of embracing the fray.
Works in all aspects of living
and unraveling:)
so much thanks for sharing
the beauty that is your sweet life,