Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So many, as my dear friend Katie would say, "happys" right now in my life.  Simple things just make me want to get started with my day and see what transpires.  Right now color has got me in it's grips.  My current rug hooking project has not gotten to be the least bit tiresome... and I'm almost done with the hooking part.  Usually at this point I'm screaming to finish and move on to something new.  It's working with these colors that keeps me inspired.........

Other joys are, of course, my friendships.  My friend, Ann, is now a happily retired art teacher.  She and her friend Linda are creating the most awesome Hope Vases that they take to hospitals and other places where people are ill.  They also sell their vases to make more $$ for supplies to make more vases.  Please visit their blog.  The other day Ann and I went to lunch and she gave me this delicious ginger tea.  I adore simple and consumable gifts.... and I love this box!

 Another lunch date with my fabulous friend Jessy
She's growing her hair out silver, and rocking this soft blonde look at the moment.  Sweet Jessy gave me this most thoughtful little basket full of happys.....
Fun goodies to play with.  Jessy made me this wonderful date book.  It's put together in her luvvly jubbly fashion.... and it's my most fav thing!  I carry it everywhere!
See the little sewing kit she added?  Isn't it just the sweetest thing?!

And while I'm blogging about simple wonderful happys, I must include our most incredible Botanical Center where I walk almost daily.
There's a gorgeous lake full of water fowl, and trails that follow a beautiful wooded creek.  We are so lucky to have a better than average parks department here.  There's trails that go all over our city, and are connecting with other nearby towns around the state. 

Well friends...... thanks for reading about my little happys in this corner of the world.  I know you have your most wonderful happys wherever you are........ and I love visiting and seeing your world.



Charlotte said...

Definitely a blog full of happys.

Nancy said...

Your post today brings smiles to my happy and so content...I am overjoyed for you my friend....
Yes, friends are wonderful gifts and not to be taken for granted......

I loved visiting Ann's blog and seeing the beautiful vases they are doing...What a wonderful project they have undertaken...I know they bring so much happiness to all who receive those vases of love.....

Amy McPheeters said...

Happy to share in your Happys! And one more Happy...Happy New Year! Hope we can get together soon for some photo and hooky talk (see how I included the guys...) We are having great walking weather - assume y'all are too... enjoy!

Cathy G. said...

Oh Dulcy I love feasting my eyes on that rug! I can see why you are so happy and contented!
I am sure going to visit Ann's blog. Tell Jessy her hair is looking fab! Love the soft blonde shade!
You're in a good spot in life!
Cathy G

J Linder said...

Dulcy, you are so full of joy and happiness. Thank you for speaking about Linda's (and Ann's) HOPE vases...they (and THEY) are so amazing.
Your spirit is contagious. I was feeling tired and sluggish until I read your blog.
Thank you so very much, bestie!
Love love love..

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Great post! So positive! Love it! I'm pretty happy lately myself. Just turned 50 and love it! Just sold another 2 skeins of yarn on the Etsy shop. Your rug is awesome. I adore the colors.
Have a super week!

susan jenkins said...

I love the new look of your blog and how wonderful to have the happies in our lives!! Loving your rug!!!
xx Susan

Dag said...

that rug... so totally my colors!! all bright and cheerful, no wonder you don't get tired of it!!
your new little datebook is awesome!! sometimes i wish i could create like that... more random and not always super neat.. isn't it nice how our friends inspire us? compliments to jessy!

Julia said...

Dulcy, that hedge apple rug is just the cat's meow.... It's so happy. No wonder that your days are full of happys. Thanks for sharing your progress with us and your friends. And while we're on happy, I'm wishing you a Happy New Year full of Happys. JB

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks for sharing your glad happies!
may they grin even brighter
in the days to come,