Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ring In The New Year

I'm more than a bit obsessed with knitting these adorable little rings...........
My sweet friend Pixie has them over at her place The Crafte Nook.  She found the pattern, and I got the pattern for this wristie at Tiny Owl Knits .

You knit them, then felt them in your hand.  I needle felted the hearts instead of knitting them in.
I set a few on the mantle to look at because they're just so darn cute!
You can also see another treasure, one of my mother's fabulous Ukrainian eggs.

Today I went for a long overdue coffee with my dear, dear friend Katie
 Doesn't her little felted heart ring look smashing with her pretty dark lilac nail polish?  I'm going to knit up gobs more as gifties for my friends.  If you knit (or not) check out this free pattern and tutorial.  Easy to make, cheap (using only scraps of yarn), and a perfect little gift for yourself and gal pals.


Charlotte said...

That egg is fantastic. There is something deeply wonderful about Eastern European/Western Asian patterns.
Love the rings, sadly wouldn't be able to wear something like that as I am allergic to Lanolin:
a fabulous allergy for someone addicted to felting.
I was trying to work out what time it is with you, we are not far off bed (11.30pm here in the UK).

Jen Manuell said...

those are awesome! thanks so much for sharing....I think I might even knit one tonight! :-)

Mary Stanley said...

Dulcy! love those sweet, sweet heart rings. I may have to get out my knitting needles just for them!

Nancy said...

Now Dulcy, these are just too cute...I have never seen them before and I am taken with them....I can't wait to try one myself.....Thanks for sharing the instruction site....

Cathy G. said...

They are just the cutest things ever..... and wonder if those allergic to lanolin or wool could use a cotton or acrylic yarn.
Here in WI we could use some knitted toe ring warmers also!!
I loved getting another glimpse of your Mother's beautiful egg..... I see where you get your artistic talents!!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Dulcy, I'm totally in love with your mother's Ukrainian egg. I want to learn that craft some day.

Well I'll be darn, knitted rings. What creativity! Great Valentine gifts.
Even I could wear those knitted rings, though not in the barn. I can't wear jewelry with even a hint of nickel in the alloy, my skin breaks in itchy oozy blisters.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I never take them for granted. Hugs, Julia

J Linder said...

I will be dreaming about wool heart rings tonight. A D O R A B L E!!!! Let's start a wool ring club. Dulcy, you are president.
I love seeing Ann's beautiful eggs. I love spending time with her.
xxoo J

Tracy said...

those are quite cute...thanks for sharing and I love your door :) very warm and inviting!

Pixie said...

Dulcy, i am jumping up and down and clapping my hands with you too have made the rings, and yours look just fab,.....arn't they just wonderful....i have a couple of spare ones that i am going to put on my blog as a give away, as i want everyone to wear them....
Hugs Pixie xx

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love these rings too and just took a peek at Pixie's over at her blog!! My girls at school would love them!

Claire said...

hey Dulcy, I spied your beautiful wrist warmer with the Robin.....a Tiny Owl knit pattern? I would love to make some of these but not sure if my knitting skills would do it justice, I love red robins.

Your little heart rings are just so darling.........

The egg your mother painted is definitely a treasure, beautiful work.

Glad I dropped by for a visit.

Claire :}

Dag said...

lovely little projects indeed - you have some lucky friends, i bet she was thrilled to get the ring! i will check the pattern out!!