Friday, February 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces

It's been a dull grey week here in the Ozarks, but always little delights to perk up the days.  One of my UK blog pals, Charlotte,  does the MOST AMAZING artwork.  Actually, she does lots of different things as well as being a teacher (and I know, finding time to do art and teach can be a challenge).  I have been adoring her hand painted and felted creatures for some time now.  I found this so so sweet little mousey in Charlotte's Etsy shop, Hills of Nottingham.

Isn't she just the cutest!  I named her Posey.  The story goes that she stowed away on an plane heading to the US and straight to my town.  Charlotte notified me of this, so I snatched her up and brought her home to live in various spots in my house that meet our fancy on a particular day.  Since she is soooo small (and can you believe that painting and handwork?) Posey can reside just about anywhere.  Right now she is sitting on the fireplace mantle where she can be admired easily by myself, hubby, and visitors dropping by.  Please check out Charlotte's blog Chest of Delights.

I spent part of one day this week finishing up this little mat.  It's something I started last winter using various scraps of wool and some needle felting.  This design is very loosely based on a corner of my living room.  I drew it off during a yucky and lengthy foot surgery recuperation.  I spent many days on the couch staring at this spot (and watching ALL the episodes of Mad Men on my iPad.... I love you John Hamm!).

Yesterday afternoon was spent on the beginnings of another hooking project inspired by the on-line class I'm currently taking from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  She encouraged us to work on squares experimenting with different materials.  I used lots of wool, yarn, and a new favorite.... twine!  I've decided to turn this piece into a large pillow.  I love hooking just color, and not thinking about the design quite so much.  Very therapeutic! 

Another perk to my week was a visit by my creative and gorgeous girlfriend, Jessy.  She spoils me with smashing little gifts of the most vintage kind.  She showed up with this fab Singer sewing supply box.

She knew this was one of my "go to" colors.  Plus it looks soooo perfect next to my 1964 Singer out in the studio.  But.... Oh.... the best part are the treats inside!

There's this darling little vintage full body mirror.  It's inside this wonderful box that it originally came in.  Also, this vibrant beautiful color of heavy thread for my new hooking project,  and...... these absolutely darling little turquoise and gold heart earrings.  I was thrilled!!  Please visit Jessy over at LuvvlyJubbly.

Have a happy weekend!


Tammy Burks said...

Love all the little lovelies you have on your blog today! Home with a cold, so I'll be pulling out my hooking and working on the big rug today.....hopefully all day....I really need to finish it up, so I can start on another fun project! You've been really inspiring of late!

Julia said...

Dulcy, Posey the little stow away mouse is just darling. Coming to your home to be with you from over seas, she IS special.

Your little convalescing rug looks comforting, a reminder of your healing period. Just precious.

The 1969 green Singer tool box belongs with the 221 Featherweight sewing machine. A nice gift indeed.

We are bracing for a winter storm with high wind and blowing snow. Hugs, JB

Julia said...

I forgot...I love hearing about your online hooking course with Deanne. I hope that you are having fun. The gift yarn is vibrant, I'm sure that you can find a neat project to do with it.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

that is the sweeeeeeeetest mouse!

Dag said...

wonderful! very cute little mat - i love how you incorporated the felting! that singer box is indeed uber-cool! ..and the little mouse...aaawww, adorable indeed!

J Linder said...

LUVJUBDULCY...You are the gift!
I adore the baby hooked rectangles! I can't wait to see the pillow! Let's have a snow in and blog about it on Monday! the info on the 1969 box....join us for a snow-in and blog about it!

Cathy G. said...

Oh what treasures Dulcy! That Jessy certainly has an eye for picking up great things! Your hooked mat is precious and love your use of felting and hooking together!
Deanne's class must be so fun!! Would have loved to have taken it... maybe in the future. I'm sure the learning experience will be fabulous! Keep us posted!!
Cathy G

Charlotte said...

Dulcy, what a lovely post and I love that Posey, stowed away to such a lovely new home. Her sister Violet has just sneaked off to the US (my mouse-lings like it over there)and is hopefully touching down about now.

Thank you for blogging about my shop and blog. I love your Singer box from Jessy (my mum had one too) and the new rugs look fabulous. Hope it's not too cold over with you; we have -6 here (very cold for us Brits) which my half Fin husband thinks of as spring.

susan jenkins said...

OOOOOOOOOOOooo I LOVE the little chair piece, darling! Love the little mouse and especially wonderful is your sewing kit!
xx Susan

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hello Dulcy
Gosh I have missed coming by here.
Was thinking of you and wanted to come by and say hello.
As always I love seeing your new beautiful pieces your working on.
I hope your well and having a good weekend
Stay warm