Monday, February 6, 2012

Color That Inspires........

Beautiful day today, with color starting to pop up all over the place.  Walked with my friend Ann at the park, and daffodils were up and blooming!  But..... this is supposed to be our only pretty day this week, so glad I spent some time outdoors.  Speaking of color I played with some bits of wool left over from my Water Garden Rug.  You may remember it from an earlier post....
I decided to hook some "for fun" stars.  I like the bits of color dangling from the mantle.

Don't you just love the bright colors next to the old stone?

This weekend I decided to start a new pastel....... The color green was on my mind, and I have an amaryllis getting ready to bloom in this lovely green pot.  I needed to draw it before it bloomed because I felt drawn to the combination of this green with sort of an eggplanty color.  This particular amaryllis had already bloomed once, and the flowers were peach.  Peach posies would not work for me!

I'm still working on it a bit, but I wanted this painting to feel a little more free than some of the other pieces I've done in the past.  I am more drawn to a set of colors that I want to work with instead of a particular set-up or composition.  I wonder if I think backwards...............

Last night was a cold evening spent with Violet on my lap.....

I'm thinking this little face may be my next pastel......



Nancy said...

I definitely agree Violet should be your next pastel...she looks so snug and happy in your lap....Love this pastel with the apple green and eggplant. I have always loved these two colors together...and of course the hooked starts are perfect hanging on your mantel......

Jennifer Richardson said...

Dulcy! I'm in love with those
dangling starbursts of bright beautiful color!
and yes, against stone.....brilliance.
your pastel is amazing....I could
wander around in that green
all day
and never get bored.
So beautiful....your art,
your life,
your heart.
more and more joy to you,

Julia said...

Dulcy, your little colorful stars add some pazzas to your fireplace. It looks like you have a star theme going on there.
Your pastel is fresh and full of life. Violet certainly would be an appropriate subject for your next pastel. She has a pensive look about her, I think that she is agreeing to pose for you. Hugs. JB

susan jenkins said...

Oh how I adore those stars!! i LOVE hearts and stars and these are just wonderful and next to the stone. i love!!
Beautiful green and I just love your rug!!
Ooooooooooooooo I'm inspired this morning!! Thank you!
xx susan

J Linder said...

The stars are WONDERFUL!! The colors and textures are perfect with the stone as a backdrop! Love them. Your pastel is beautiful. I love your color choices. The rug is so full of joy, color, energy and excitement! You are an A R T I S T with so much talent. I am in awe of you!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Love the colorful, twinkling stars juxtaposed against the stone. Your house reminds me so much of my late inlaws old stone cottage. It appears to be of the same vintage with arched doorways, plaster walls, solid oak floors and crystal doorknobs (which were stolen when it sat vacant). Sadly, it disappeared one day a few years ago-torn down for a parking lot! I hope perhaps it was moved, but never heard.
Violet is stunning and I bet she would be a willing model!