Friday, March 16, 2012

Color, Hooking, and Inspiration Everywhere!

It's been a way busy week here at the doorstep!  Grandchildren visiting over spring break has made for much happiness, fun, and lots of arts and crafting.  Below is a shot of my two favorite girlies, Ava and Emma (Ava is our grand daughter, and Emma is my dear little friend and neighbor).  Each of these sweeties has a new hooked posy pouch draped over her shoulder.  I love seeing a little girl carrying a cute tiny bag!

I realize it's not officially springtime yet, but you wouldn't know that if you could see out my window.  Redbuds are starting to pop, daffodils have been up for at least two weeks, and green is everywhere!  I get sooo completely jazzed this time of year.  The new Gudrun catalogs are my favorite, and they're bursting with color!

I'm finding the golds, greens, and blues especially captivating right now.  Even though we've been turned upside down with kiddos this week, I've found lots of time to work on my new teapot rug.

It's so exciting working with the golds, reds, mossy greens, and dusty purple and lavender.  I come back to this color combination often.

A new favorite blog of mine is Karen's Primitive Spirit.  There are so many rug hookers and pattern designers that I've admired over the years.  Everything from primitive to abstract to very realistic.  But the one I always come back to for inspiration is Karen Kahle.  I was able to take a workshop of Karen's several years ago and was awed by her designs and ability to teach color technique.  I don't order patterns anymore, but I do like to order from Karen.  She recently had a lovely post on her blog showing some of her pillows.... I'm a lover of gazing balls, and have a few sitting around in my gardens.  I couldn't resist acquiring her gazing ball pillow pattern.  I received it the other day wrapped in lovely paper with this pretty paisley tag.  I'm trying to save it for a hook-in coming up in April, but I don't think I'll be able to leave it alone until then...........

Karen has a virtual geometric chair pad tutorial over at her blog that is fabulous!  I haven't gotten in on it yet, but plan on it between the teapot and the gazing ball.

The other night, while hooking and enjoying a glass of wine, I looked up at my mantel and decided to take a quick shot of it to share.  Far be it from me to actually move my frame and stand up to take the picture (my photographer husband would be so disgusted with my photographic laziness).  My mantle is a place I like to change around with the season.  It's a catch-all for some of my favorite things.

I did the robin pastel, and the floral was done by my painter pal Kathryn Glover.
Various vases were made by local potter friends.  My favorite piece is the little pysanky egg done by my mother.  It's a place that seems to become a home for art and outdoor finds such as flowers, rocks, and bird feathers.  I change it around constantly.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope your weekend is spring filled, restive, and creative.



Tammy Burks said...

What a beautiful way to receive a pattern from Karen....even her packaging is inspiring! Love how your teapot rug is coming along!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Hi Dulcy!
thanks so much for commenting on my blog ~ I've just read yours and love your fun exhuberant sense of color!!! I'll be adding your blog to my blogroll so my friends can see your beautiful work!
Blessed be,
Lori from Notforgotten Farm

Pixie said...

Hi there Dulcy....lovely post, your new teapot rug is looking wonderful, all the colours that i love and i cant wait to see it finished, i know it will gorgeous as all your scrummy makes are.
And i have to say, i do like to see what people have on there mantels, they are almost a sort of alter, a place to display our finds or things we love.....a peep into a persons soul...and yours is heavenly.
Hugs Pixie......

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love Karen Kahle's designs myself. I would be so thrilled to take a class with her. It's great she has a blog now! Love your teapot!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Spring is singing out loud here, too!
Glad you got to share some of
the sweet goodness
with the girlies
(so cute with their bags)
...what a glorious grandma you are:)
always beautiful,
always glad I dropped by,

J Linder said...

I am surprised I didn't get a speeding ticket for driving fast to get home to see this AMAZING blog post!
L O V E the tea pot piece....absolutely stunning!
The girls are adorable. WOW are they lucky to get to play in your playhouse (studio)!

Julia said...

I'm jealous of your advanced spring with daffodils blooming and green grass.... We still have snow on the ground. Sigh...

Pretty young girls in flip flops and summer cloths. Great little models for your posy pouches.

Surrounding yourself with bright spring colors is so intelligent. Love those paintings and that precious painted egg.
Have a great weekend. JB

Hugs. JB

summersundays-jw said...

Can't believe your g'girl is so she loves coming to your house. The rug is wonderful & I'm going back to ck. out the blog you mentioned.Take care & enjoy you're new project. Jan

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy, I just LOVE your teapot rug, wonderful!! The little handbags for the girls,just precious! Lovely posts!
xo Susan