Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Colors and Projects

I've been hooking, knitting, and straightening my studio area (that's for approaching grandchildren visit... they'll need a place to craft and create).  You may remember my recent post showing off my new candy colored sock yarn....

Well..... hubby seemed to take a shine to the first one I had done.  His birthday was this week, and  after knitting like a madwoman over the past few days this is how things turned out....

Yes.... they made a lovely birthday present.  Actually, I was so happy that I could finally knit him something he would wear.  I think they look smashing with his black slippers!

I've been working on another little posy pouch.  Such a fun way to use up small wool pieces and strips.

My friend Jessy made the leather button, and she also found a braided leather belt at a thrift store, took it apart, and gave me pieces to use for straps.

All week I've been itching to start a new hooking project, but couldn't come up with anything concrete.  Sooo.... I've been thinking about hooking my old copper tea kettle into a design for sometime now.   Don't really know where it's going from here.  The red bird showed up after watching them flit around the feeder this morning.  There may be a couple of rabbits that appear in the background and some flowers.  I feel like hooking something for spring.  Something that can lay in front of the fireplace or on the back of a chair.

As you can see, this piece of linen has had other incarnations that just didn't work out.  Maybe this one will be the last.  I really don't think it can take anymore drawings on top of drawings or empty hooking holes. 

Have a lovely and creative weekend...


Cathy G. said...

Your hubby's socks just knock MY socks off! Wow! The colors are fantastic and do look so smart with those black slippers! I love it when a man will wear something other than khaki and camouflage! Guess that's a northern WI thing.
Your creations are always spot on and I think your new rug is wonderful! I am yearning for those Spring colors! I agree with your comment on my blog how weird it is that we can't come visit... but I'm glad we can at least share our spaces and projects through our blogs!
Happy creating and show us some of those spring things that are in bloom down there! We still have snow but it's melting with these warmer temps today!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, You have yourself a treasure in that photographer of yours. Those socks are totally awesome on your model.
I was just curious it you painted that little chair to match the socks or is this purely coincidence? What a cute painted chair. They match perfectly. Your posy pouch are charming.

New creations are springing all over the place at your studio. Have a great weekend . Hugs. JB

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

The socks rock! I love those pouches...and the embellishments from Jessy are perfect! Your new rug project looks promising. I just pulled all the worms out of a rug I had started back in the's full of holes now. I'm sticking with the same pattern for now...but I did think of drawing something else.
Look forward to seeing more teapot rug!

Tammy Burks said...

Loving the teapot! Digging through my stash for lovely lavenders for you!

J Linder said...

JIM'S beautiful feet look AMAZING in the socks. How adorable with the cool suede shoes. He is such a fabulous model and hubby!
The copper tea pot is so perfect for a Spring project. I simply L O V E the bird. You found a PERFECT piece to design and create. Your work is the B E S T.
Let's walk before the grandys arrive. Can you hook and walk?
Love you bestie,

Jo Potter said...

Hi Dulcy,
Those socks are smashing. I love the multi colours. ;-)
I bet your husband was thrilled!
I'm glad spring is in the air and it is lovely to visit you again!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and reading your blog posts, but I have not been feeling too well these past few days.
Good to see you on facebook as well.
Best wishes,