Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Night Out!

I don't usually post a whole lot that's not about hooking or other arts and crafts, but thought I'd share a quick couple of photos from last night.  My husband took me to the B.B. King concert held at a lovely old theater here called The Gillioz.  It was built in 1924 and is very ornate and beautiful.  He was able to get some nice shots of B.B.

B.B. is 86 years old, so he was not able to stand, but still sang and played.  He had a magnificent full band behind him.

The real treat for me was Beverly McClellan!  I didn't realize she was opening for him.  You may have seen her on The Voice.  Oh my gosh!  She's a singing playing machine!  What a voice......

I shamelessly asked her to let my husband take our picture after the show.  I think she is positively gorgeous!

And......... just a quick peek at spring in our yard as your turn up the drive.  There are red buds everywhere, and the view is emerald green and pink........ accented by this sunshine bright forsythia!

Happy Day!


Nancy said...

What a treat Dulcy....and your picture with Beverly is so cute....I think BB King will be playing when they lower him in the ground.....He is amazing...

Claire said...

Hey Dulcy what a wonderful night out........

BB King,,,86 what an amazing, talented man.......
I'm not familiar with Beverly McClellan, but it's a lovely pic of the two of you and a lovely memento of the evening.
The view of your yard is beautiful with all the blossom......I love Spring
I must see if I can find a Forsythia for my garden. My mum had one and loved it and it would be a nice reminder of her.

Another stunning Autumn day here, the sun is shining but a cool change is on the way. Enjoy your day......

Claire :}

summersundays-jw said...

I remember Beverly from The Voice & how fun to see B.B. in such an intimate setting. Your yard pics are wonderful. I noticed today that my neighbor's lilac bush is blooming. I love Spring!

Julia said...

Dulcy, I'm so happy that you shared this special night out with us. What a great picture of Beverly and you. She is beautiful and so are you.

Your backyard is just beautiful and full of pretties.

The weather has been spectacular here and it feels like summer.
Hugs, JB

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

The photos of BB are great ~ he would probably like them for his professional pix!! Sounds like a fabulous date night!

Jennifer Richardson said...

You're BOTH gorgeous, Dulcy!
As is your forsythia:)
BB King is one of my favorites
...awesome you got to see
the master at play!
I love his style and wallow in it
whenever I visit my daughter
in Nashville.
Happy warming weekend to you,

Mary Stanley said...

How cool that you got to see BB King! Love your photo too...I love all the old blues players, got to hear many of them when I was young at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles.

Love your teapot piece and those
socks are lovely!