Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fiber Loves and Frustrations....

I've been having sewing machine problems that result in just horrible language coming from that frustrated place deep inside me.  I was sharing my latest exasperations with my fabulous pal Jessy, and she said it sounded like ill fitting bobbins.  You may want to stop here because this bobbin talk could be getting a bit too boring.  Anyway, before I could even write "get new bobbins" on my to do list, Jessy had popped over to the sewing machine shop and got me just the right thing.  Problem solved!
Now Jessy can't just give them to me in a sack..... instead she sews up this darling little package with this lovely vintage Dutch girl to keep them in.  Soooo sweet!

I decided to try them out pronto.... and grabbed this piece of scrap linen and sewed up the sides.  Smooth sailing, and no nasty language.

Well, we're going to some friends home tonight for dinner.  I like to take my favorite luscious and cheap wine, Mad Housewife!
It's a nice cabernet, and you've just got to love that label! 
I'll use my new somewhat shabby little linen bag as an alternative to a paper sack to deliver the wine in.
I think this is a much nicer presentation than a paper sack.  Don't you?

Yesterday I finished hooking my teapot welcome rug.  I haven't thought of anything cute to name it yet.  It's one of those projects that I wasn't just real excited about, but the colors worked out so beautifully that now I'm just thrilled with the results!  This combination is very much "my colors".

I got most of the wool for this project from my friend Tammy at Skip To My Ewe.

It's easy to get wool from Tammy because we live in the same town.  Lots of fun looking at wool, drinking coffee, and discussing upcoming projects and adventures.  I'm going to do my first crocheted border on this one.  I got a lovey print that blends nicely with the rug.  I don't want anything too strong that makes it look outlined.  Just a pretty soft crochet.  I'm so excited to do this!

Oh dear, I'm somewhat embarrassed to show you this, but I couldn't resist running out to get more sock yarn.

I was over at Primitive Spirit
reading Karen's blog and she had a picture of her hand knitted socks. Well, before the day was over, my friend Ann and I had driven out to this wonderful little knit shop outside of town and purchased some new yarn.  It's like just the picture puts this suggestion into my head and I HAVE to knit socks!  I know it's about keeping my hands busy when I'm not hooking or doing other things.  I can't just sit and visit or watch TV without doing something.  I do really like this color pattern.

Enough for now.  Enjoy this lovely weekend!


Charlotte said...

My goodness, when do you and Jessy stop to breathe? Lovely to see all the gorgeous things you are making.

Kim said...

Dulcy, I have uttered a few "blue" words over bobbin issues myself. Frustrating! The teapot rug is darling. Beautiful colors.

Pixie said...

It just so happens i too had sewing machine problems just recently and the expletives coming from my deeper recesses even disturbed me, and then i ended up having to buy a brand new sewing machine........which is actually so much nicer than the other it was all a good thing in the end.;)

But glad you got yours fixed, and i love love love that little pouch made by Jessie,,,,love it. x x

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Great socks! Your teapot is fabulous. I love the color combo.
Say hi to Jessy!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh, we all need a Jessy!
love your wine dress:)
happy Springing,

Karen Piehl said...

i love your new sock yarn! we are part of one big extended creative family, i am enjoying being a part of it. your teapot heart is so charming, nice colors!