Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fiber Love

I get so inspired by the change in seasons..... and ...... blogs ..... and .....  Pinterest.  There's so much wonderful fiber art out there that I hippity hop from one project to the next.  Then...... I clean up my mess, and assume I'm done for awhile...... then....... I see something that inspires me and almost immediately I'm wanting to make something new!  EXHAUSTING!  But fun.

Over at my sweet friend Pixie's blog she had this post about making lovely fiber flower brooches.  They are just the cutest!  So..... with upcoming gifty situations ahead, I thought I'd try and make a few myself.  As usual, I turned this project into something way harder than it should have been.  I was coffee dyeing fabric, ripping, picking sticks from the garden.... I wanted a bit of a shabby look to them.  Well, just to make two of these little flowers took me all afternoon!  I think I'm done with fabric flowers........

Another new project is a knitting piece.  I'm making a little shrug/mini poncho to drop over my shoulders when wearing tanks and on cool days when in something sleeveless.  I found this lovely blue cotton yarn which I think will work nicely with about anything I wear.

I'm embarrassed to tell you that I had more than a foot of this knitted, and then ripped it all out!  I thought my count was off by about five stitches (obviously was not taking time to periodically stop and count).  As I got most of it ripped out I found I was off by only ONE STITCH!  I was soooo mad, ripped it out completely, and have just started over.  Breath.......... there is nothing crucial about getting this done soon.  I saw Karen from Primitive Spirit wearing something like this at a workshop almost five years ago.  I've wanted my own ever since, and she kindly helped me find the pattern.  So...... if I've waited five years to find the right pattern, I can wait a bit longer to finish knitting it.

I found this luscious sock yarn a couple of weeks ago.........

These socks will most likely be a gift for someone next fall or Christmas.  LOVE these colors!

Enjoy your spring day!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes ~ I love your sock colors, too! Pinterest is akin to being hand-cuffed to your computer! It's hard to tear myself away! You see the best things there!

Julia said...

Isn't it wonderful to be inspired by someone else's work
And your work inspires someone else's work and so it is in Fiber Art.

I find that I'm less of a creator and more of a copier unfortunately. My daughter is the creative one.

I'm feeling bad that you had to rip so much for only one little missed stitch but at least you are not giving up. I'm looking forward to see the progress on your mini poncho. LOVE those socks and rug.
Hugs. JB

Mary Stanley said...

Love your new socks! And the fun flowers and the hooked piece in the background-swoon-lovely colors!

Julia said...

Dulcy I think that it's wonderful that we can get inspired by other people's fiber arts and in turn we can inspire other people with our fiber arts.

I think that your crafty flower brightened that pot just perfectly.
I can picture you dancing in those gorgeous socks but I guess they are for someone else.I can't wait to see your mini poncho.
Hugs, JB

Pixie said...

Hey Dulcy...oh how wonderful to see your floppity flowers, with the lovely shabby chic look ,,love em...but i don't think you should stop at two..i think a whole bunch in a vase would look quite quite stunning........hmmmmmmm.

The Sock yarn is lovely,, you are so lucky to have a much better choice of socky yarn where you are...our yarn shops here, just don't seem to promote it quite as much. Shame really.

Anyway big hugs as always Dulcy..

Pixie x

Jennifer Richardson said...

It makes me so happy
to see what you create!
Have a wonderful weekend
living your beautiful life:)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Now that I have discovered wearing hand knit socks, I am spoiled and these are SO pretty!

Karen Piehl said...

i know just how you feel about the knitting not coming out right and ripping it out. it is worth doing it if you know you won't be happy! you know i have ripped out whole sweaters because they didn't fit right and i never wore them!

i love the socks! that yarn is special!