Friday, August 17, 2012

Quiet Time

I've been laying quiet and low.  My mother is very sick, and it's been a sad and exhausting couple of weeks.  Thank goodness for knitting!  Knitting can get me through some intense and scary life issues..... it's portable, somewhat easy, a bit creative, calming, and always there for me.  Over this past week I've been knitting this lovely cowl.  I think it came out quite nice.

My current color love is gray.... can't get enough!  I bought some adorable gray dessert boots that I'll show off with a pair of my knitted socks when it cools down some.  I found this free pattern on Pinterest.  I had been looking for "my perfect cowl" for sometime.  This caught my eye because the cowl pictured on line is also in gray... and I like the little design knitted in.  I think I'll wear it a lot this winter (if it ever cools down again......... sigh).

Of course I've always got a hooking project on the frame.  Below is a shot of the current one in progress.

I had noticed the photograph on my husband's computer as he was going through some things he had recently shot.  Just some little wild flowers in the woods.  I thought it might be a fun challenge to try and hook this.  It's a small piece and I'm hand cutting every strip.  I'm obviously not trying for every little detail.... I have to get somewhat abstract with all the dried leaves, grasses, stems, and dark areas.

Yes, it is tedious... but I've done a few similar projects, and really enjoy this detailed type of hooking when I'm in the mood.  It creates quite a mess as there's wool scraps all around my chair.  I don't like to clean any of this up until I'm done.  I could hook in the studio, but got this started inside, so that's where I'm currently planted.  It's the sort of project that is soothing and tranquil for me.  I'm not at the cutter sawing off chunks of wool strips.  I just look at an area, cut a piece or two with my scissors, and hook.  I pull out what doesn't work and try a lighter or darker piece.  I've only used what's in my wool stash, and this is a scrap piece of linen.  You can use up the tiniest strips and scraps of wool when doing a hooking project like this!

I haven't left many, if any comments lately.  But.... I do peek in and see what's going on.  I've just  been a bit tired due to this current life circumstance.  Things seem to have settled down some, so I"ll drop by soon.



Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I am determined to learn knitting this year--I am currently teaching myself to crochet and I've been surprised how clumsy I am! I love your knitted cowl and the gray is beautiful. The rug you are working on is so charming--I just love it! Hope you will show the finished piece.
So sorry you are going such a difficult time. My sister and I are dealing with our mom's Alzheimer's Disease. As they say, aging is not for sissies! Handwork is quieting and therapeutic--I truly believe this!

Charlotte said...

I am thinking of you; it is never easy watching a loved one ill and we have our parents on borrowed time at the best of times as we move on. I wish you some peaceful moments and the fortitude to cope.

The hooking is exquisite and I too love the grey.
C xxx

summersundays-jw said...

So sorry about your Mom. You're a good daughter & have been responsible for her and taken such good care of her. Love your new project. Hard to believe it will someday be cool enough to wear it. Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Jan

Kim said...

Sorry to hear your Mother is having a health crisis. I hope things improve for your family.
Your new projects are gorgeous. It doesn't feel like it will ever get cool enough here for a cowl. (But I know it will )

Tammy Burks said...

Hopefully we'll have some time to get together on Saturday or Sunday depending on what is going on. I have the linen. Kenny really loves the hooked piece you are working on...he wants to know the name of it...he suggested "Spring Meadow"

Dag said...

sending lots of prayers for your mom, so sorry to hear that she is ill!
i am glad that you find comfort in these lovely projects! your cowl turned out wonderful and i can see why you picked the meadow for a hooking project - so soothing, calm and peaceful!
big hug for you - dag

Mary Stanley said...

Such lovely work-love the grey cowl and your sweater!
Great idea to hook the photo. It is turning out beautifully!
Take care, all good wishes coming your way.

Julia said...

Dulcy, I'm sorry to learn of your mother being ill. I'm glad that you have knitting and hooking to keep you occupied. The cowl knitting is quite nice and i love the little wild flower rug.

I haven't been posting on my blog either as life seems so busy and summer visitors were plentiful this summer.

I hope that your mom will get better soon. Hugs. JB

susan jenkins said...

hi dulcy, I too have been away from my blog. Good to be back and see your beautiful things. I love the gray cowel, just gorgeous. Your rug is going to be wonderful!
I'm so sorry about your mother. I so understand and i know it can be troubleling. Take care and being busy and creating is the best for you!
xxoo Susan

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sorry about your mama ~ peace to you and yours. Of course, I love your knitted cowl!

Kathryn Glover said...

Sorry to read of your Mom. You are most ambitious all the time. I'm working regularly again at the easel. I miss everyone, especially you. xoxoxo k

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh dulcy, i send love
and prayers for peace
and comfort
and sweet splashes of encouragement
and oh so beautiful,
your creations
....I'm sure your mom
can feel your aliveness
from where she struggles
and your energy must calm
and soothe her.
i especially adore the wildlfower
hooking you're working on.
thinking of you
with love,