Monday, August 6, 2012

Toasty Hands For Fall

I've still been on my fingerless glove kick.... and maybe I'm done.  It's been fun knitting these up quickly, edging with crochet, and then adding a bit of embellishment.  This little project has also been a handy and creative way to use up bits and pieces of yarn, buttons, and wool.

The above is my first pair.  I edged these with some creamy vintage style ribbon.

Below is yarn from the same skein, as I mentioned in my previous post.  I added the wool hearts and sweet little vintage pearl buttons.  I like mixing things up a bit so each glove is somewhat different, but still obviously part of a pair.

Both of the above pairs are a cotton silk blend.

Below are my two wool pairs.  This first pair has a leaf and acorn embellishment for fall walks during crip cool weather in the woods. Ahhh..... obviously dreaming (94 degrees at the moment).

My last pair is a nice brown wool with some confetti flecks dancing about.  I edged it with bright left over sock yarn, and added some pretty bright wool hearts.

So..... Christmas presents maybe..... or just happy's for friends?


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You have been very busy!! I may have to try my hand at that ~ in my spare time!!

Charlotte said...

Welcome Back Dulcy,
you have been busy.
C xxx

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh happy cooling beauties,
I love these!
cooling because they encourage
my overheated eyes
that crisper air
is on the way.
these are adorable, dulcy:)
what a wonder you are,

Mary Stanley said...

Love your sweet little touches!
too hot here too! Fall will be delightful and we can get out the wool!