Friday, July 27, 2012

Fingerless Gloves In July, Oh My!

I'm on a knitting spree at the moment.... I've been knitting little fingerless gloves.  It makes noooo sense since the temp outside is sitting at 100 and doesn't budge day after day after day after............

This pair was knitted with a nice Noro yarn that's a cotton silk blend.  I crocheted the ribbon edging.

This second pair was knitted from the same skein of yarn.  This yarn knits nicely into a scarf as the colors gently blend.  I crocheted a little edging and added the vintage buttons.  There's thumb holes in both these pairs that you can't see here.  I guess I should have modeled them for you.  They're very cute on!  I've got another little brown flecked wool pair on my needles at the moment.

I've started another blog!  It's called dulcy likes, and is about lifestyle issues and wonderful discoveries and changes that are occurring around me during this new stage of life.  This stage of freedom that retirement from 23 years of teaching has brought upon me.  I've noticed that so much around me and about me is going through a metamorphosis and growth.  I think it has to do with having the same job for so long.... a job I LOVED.... but the sameness of things was beginning to take it's toll.  Now everyday feels new, and I love the freedom of unplanned time.  My new blog is a place where I'll share new products, ideas, fashion changes, food, people, art, books, whatever I'm having fun with at the moment.  Nothing huge, but just the day to day issues and likes that I've been experiencing.  I enjoy blogging, but have been feeling a bit stale discussing rug hooking all the time.  I'm still hooking!  No plans to stop!  But..... just have other things I'd like to show and tell that I thought might be fun on a different platform.  Please drop by to say "hello" and see what I'm "liking" at the moment!



Tammy Burks said...

Love the fingerless gloves and can't wait to visit your new blog!

summersundays-jw said...

I'll be checking out your new blog. I've had a dry spell with my blog & just can't think of anything interesting to write about. Love your gloves! Have a great weekend & stay cool. Jan

Julia said...

Looking forward to checking out your new blog. I've been stale about blogging too lately because of overwork and lack of free time. Good luck with this. Hugs, JB

Karen Piehl said...

great to hear about your new blog! before i forget, those fingerless gloves are wonderful! nice noro yarn, too! don't you love it? a friend of mine just made some plain fingerless gloves that were kind of mini gloves, short so that they did not interfere with sleeves. i am going to make a pair like those next. anyway, it is good that you are expanding yourself with this new blog idea. i will check it out. all the best to you!

Pixie said...

Hi Dulcy...the other blog sounds wondeful and i shall be following you over there too....
Love the gloves...its kinda funny though as i am knitting a very simple little scarf and its the middle of summer over here too....i haven't told anyone in case they think im nuts......Big hugs Pixie xx

Cathy G. said...

I think your fingerless gloves are fabulous! Beautiful yarns! I love the way you crochet the ribbons on the edge too! Hope to see you model them come Fall and cooler weather..... if there is still such a thing! LOL!
I've been over to your NEW BLOG! OMG.... what a great idea! Love how you inspire in so many areas! We need that.... Lately it seems life is all about rug hooking and washing wool..... for me anyway! I found your new blog refreshing and self assuring! Especially since my gray... silver.... okay...white hair is so chic now! LOL! I have really been thinking about cutting it lately but don't know for sure now!
Will really be looking forward to more posts on your new blog!
Cathy G

Jennifer Richardson said...

it just gets better,
this beautiful life of yours!
and i totally understand the
knitting of warm things
....kind of like creative hope
for cooler breezes
and crispier air!
i look forward to a happy visit
to your new digs:)
keep being so wonderfully dulcy,

Mary Stanley said...

Love all your new knitting and hooking! I'm on my way to check out your new blog!

Claire said...

Dulcy your fingerless gloves are lovely, beautiful yarns. The cooler weather will soon be there. I'm not a warm weather lover and at the end of a hot day I just tell myself it's one day closer to Winter!!

Your new blog sounds interesting and I look forward to visiting it...

Claire :]