Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mini Projects!

I've been plodding along in the heat, hooking, some knitting, and a bit of pastel painting.  Last weekend we were invited to a little outdoor party.  I wanted a small over the shoulder bag just for lipstick and my sunglasses.... so I quickly dug through my wool and found a great combo of colors to make a posy pouch to wear with my dress for that evening.  Not modeling the dress here, but this little bag went perfectly and I was very pleased!

 Just a simple little prodded number.  The strap is from leather my bestie, Jessy, gave me rescued from an old belt.  Below is a shot of the back.

Again, very simple but funky and fun.  It can also hold my phone, keys and a twenty if needed....

I had started a pair of socks last fall, but didn't finish after the first one because I ended up not liking the yarn.  So.... A couple of weeks ago I picked the project back up and knitted the mate.  Then.... I crocheted this bit of slate blue to fem them up a bit.  I kind of love them now.... great with my clogs!

This week I decided I'd been away from my easel for too long.... I've been wanting to work a little more on painting glass, and here's my effort. 

Just a bit of fun practice using colors that I love.....

It's a wasteland here, and I don't mean just the heat.  Every SINGLE ONE of our yarn shops has closed!  It's just awful!  But...... there is the most wonderful shop called One City Market in a little town east of here.  It's in an old farmhouse that's stocked to the rafters with yarn and other goodies.  They also give mini classes, so I'm looking forward to taking one on intarsia.  I've sort of taught myself, but not with the greatest results.  While visiting this sweet shop today I picked up yarn for two new projects.

It's so nice to have a well stocked knitting basket again!

Stay cool!


Charlotte said...

I love the bag, however I love the pastel more. The colours are so summery and bright.

I sympathise with the loss of the yarn shops; they just can't compete with the internet and the loss of people taking up the crafts.

Love to you in the heat you are having, we need to send you our rain. We have more than enough to share.

Jennifer Richardson said...

all your beautiful little projects
give me a happy shiver
over the coming Fall
and cooler, crisper times:)
you do make a beautiful life,

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Such a sweet little bag! Love all your projects!

Cathy G. said...

It makes me smile how you create what you need like your little adorable bag! Need a special little bag for a party?..... just pull out the wool and whip one up! I would love to take a class from you!!!
What ever happened to your friend Jessie's blog? Did I miss that she created a new one and I don't have it on my blogroll?
I want to come visit that farmhouse too with you.... sounds like some divine shopping and inspiration to be had!!
Happy creating Dulcy!!
Cathy G

Karen said...

Love the bag!! After you mentioned
The yarn shop at school that day, i finally found it a couple of weeks ago... It is simply the best!!!

Tammy Burks said...

Love your new purse! Super cute! I hadn't realized that the "other" yarn shop here in town had closed. By the way, love the compilation of heron pics that you posted the other day. You've been staying busy....I've been a bit stagnant on the creative side.....

Julia said...

I'm always amazed at your creativity... You need a little bag... no problem. With wool and scissors, in no time you whip up a cute little bag to go with you party dress. Most of us would have to make a trip to the store and spend some money to get a little bag.

You are quite good with the pastel and your painting is lovely as usual.

Those socks will rock comes this fall. It's a bit hot now but the cool weather will soon be here.

It looks cooler where I live because my blog post was pictures from late spring that I was late posting

Have a peaceful summer.
Hugs, JB.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We have only one yarn shop in our city and it has struggled in this economy. Very few fabric/quilting shops too--Hobby Lobby, Hancocks and one quilting shop. I've bought a bit online, but I've been disappointed in some yarns I've ordered that looked perfect in the photo. Women need gathering places!

ShabbySheep said...

My goodness Dulcy, you've been a Busy girl!!! Love EVERYTHING you do! Especially the bag. Perfect for life's necessities, lipstick and a credit card.
I know you said you were kind of not in the mood for hooking. Me either, I guess. I've been doing lots of art journaling instead of hooking. Just can't get that "time" rug finished. Maybe the moment has past that it represents!?!
I tried to call you yesterday. I've been on a personal retreat to the cabin at Tablerock lake. Had to get away from the "hoard house" that I'm living in! I am now ready to Purge. And I mean everything!!
Talk to you soon,
xo, Sheri
p.s. Where is the yarn shop? What town? Take me there!!! Oh yeah, I'm purging, NOT buying! But I still Have to go!!