Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Cuffs, Deck Time, And Always The Hedge Apple

I've been hooking away on chunky cuffs for winter and fall......

I just added these three colorful cuff to my little hooking shop on etsy.

I've also been knitting like mad..... working on some lovely soft wristies for winter which I'll post when finished.  Enjoying evenings relaxing with hubby and getting our end of summer/early fall deck time in.

I love the way hedge apples find their way into and around my cozy home.  Fall leaves are definitely gorgeous, but hedge apples falling from trees, gathering in ravines along the road, hedgerows, and the edge of parking lots are my first "call to fall".

We've been able to have a a few fires in our little stone fireplace (well, it's actually a gas fireplace, but I do love to be able to turn the fire on and off at will....).  Willow ejnoys relaxing in the chair next to the fire on these early fall evenings.

Wishing you a lovely fall weekend......



Julia said...

Dulcy, I was looking up images of hedge apple on the web and saw the same picture of your three hooked wrist bracelets. How cool. I have never seen a hedge apple tree or the fruit around here. They are interesting.

Your bracelets are very artistic.
Love the picture of the cat relaxing by the fire. All very cosy.
Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

Marie said...

What lovely hooked cuffs and that cozy spot the cat has looks so inviting. Happy Fall! xo <3

Mary Stanley said...

Oh! What a great kitty shot! And your cuffs are so colorful and fun.
Great idea! Hmmm...don't think I have ever seen hedgeapples...very cool!

Jennifer Richardson said...

You do make Autumn
more magical:)
your shares are always
sweetness and light,

Charlotte said...

Lovely post Dulcy, and that is one cozy cat.