Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Colorful World

I went to a fabulous hook-in in Warsaw, Missouri about a month ago with a couple of my besties, Tammy and Sheri.  I bought some gorgeous wool which I left hanging on the edge of my wool cabinet so I could just look at it and enjoy the loveliness of color and texture.  Well..... I just couldn't leave it alone!  So............

Two new cuffies emerged!  The wool is lovely shades of turquoise, creams, light browns, a hint of green, with a bit of sparkly gold fiber running throughout.  I mixed in some gorgeous blue wool strips, and a pretty taupe alpaca that also has the tiniest bit of gold mixed in.  I had such fun making these because I LOVE the colors, and enjoyed watching the different textures and color play against each other.  Both of these pretties are now in my  little shop on Etsy.

A few of you dear friends have remarked that you don't know what a hedge apple is or what they come from... are they any good to eat?  NO!  The only creature I know of that will eat a hedge apple is a cow.  Another name for the tree they come from is the Osage Orange.  I've grown up seeing them laying about as long as I can remember, and love the brilliant green and bumpy texture of these beauties.   But, as far as I know, they're not much good for anything and rot into a brown mushy mess.   I've been on a hedge apple hooking binge for a year or so.  You may remember my rug I made last year for this fall.

Or my hedge apple bag that I made. Love the hedge apple green against the gray with some crimson and gold mixed in.

Or maybe my little Fiesta that now has a license plate that says HDGAPL.  It's always fun to watch people trying to figure our what that means.

Anyway, I'm not too crazy, just loving fall and the color pretties that come around only this time of year.  And we still have the leaves to look forward to!!



Kim said...

Lovely! And I'm with you...I love that hedge apple green! Around here (South Dakota) they sell them in the grocery store this time of year. They apparently are good to have laying in areas of your basement, etc to ward off spiders!

Amy McPheeters said...

Put hedge apples in the house and basement to repel spiders and crickets. It really works!

Julia said...

I should hang some hedge apples in the barn to keep the big orb spiders away. I've never seen any hedge apples around here though.

Great job on those colorful cuffs.


Charlotte said...

You sound perfectly sensible to me, especially in choice of number plate.

They look amazing and make for such great designs. I can't think of anything similar here. Do they have seeds inside, if so you would think it had evolved to be food for something.
I'm off to google to see what they are and if we have a similar plant here in the UK.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love hedgeapple green! I bought some of those cute buttons last in an Amish fabric shop ~ funky shapes that appealed to me ~ you, too!

Pixie said...

The hedge row apple bag is gorgeous Dulcy, great colours...
Love love love it.
Hugs Pixie x

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Love the bracelet--it arrived yesterday! It's going to be only 56 degrees here Saturday, so I'm going to wear it out!
Love the color of your car too!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the vivid beauty
of your colorful world
....such a brilliant spirit
you are:)
thanks for sharing
(we're all the richer for it)