Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Day!

Today is a happy day, and I guess it's a happy day because yesterday was a down in the dumps day.  I sorted out the reasons for being down in the dumps, and decided to put those reasons to rest so that I could now have a happy day.  Here's why it's a happy day..........

First of all, it's my bestie, Jessy's birthday!  I made her some organic cotton pink wristies for spring, and they're sort of Valeninesy...... don't you think?

I decided these cuties needed their own special packaging to I made a little pouch to tuck them away in.

Jessy and I celebrated her bday in style at the Aviary and had the most delicious salmon crepes.  Here she's modeling her new wristies.

Doesn't she look smashing in her wristies, pink plaid pouch, and cute pink T!

I'm also happy today because it's snowing!

I just now snapped this shot from where I'm sitting at this exact moment at my computer sending this exact same snowy photo on to you!  Actually the snow seems to be stopping, and it's not much, but I'll take it.

Another happy for me is that I finally finished my Little Dream Girl, and feel pleased with the results.

She's on canvas and currently residing on my fireplace mantel.............


After my lunch with Jessy, I came home and played Etsy Store.  I added another lovely little dish to my inventory at  dulcyann's.

So sweet!  Can't you see it with pretty chocolates to serve for Valentine's Day?

So, it has been a happy day.... which will wind down with a glass of wine and a new magazine by the fire.  



Monday, January 28, 2013

Projects In The Works....Etsy Again!

I'm not sure I'm done with my "Little Dream Girl".  So..... she remains in the studio mounted to this gold painted canvas.  She may come off, or I may add something to the canvas.  Just not sure yet.

Here's a view from the door into my very messy studio space taken this morning.  My newest shawl is still on the loom waiting for the rest of its fringe.........

I'm excited to get it off the loom so I can start my new one with this gorgeous color transitioning Noro yarn.  It's my absolute favorite right now for weaving!

On To Vintage News!

I've just opened a new little Etsy shop called dulcyann.  I've acquired quite a few vintage finds over the past several years that I'm ready to clean out and pass on... also several small antiques.  I've started with a few items and will continue to add more.  This will most likely be a temporary shop that I'll close when I'm ready to move on.  In other words, these are items I've owned for a long time, and don't plan on adding more to my collection.  Please drop by and check in often as there will be a variety of vintage lovelies for sale!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fiber Loves........

My little dream girl is hooked and waiting to be mounted on painted canvas.  I think I'm going to use a burnt sienna with some gold as my background colors to frame her off with.

Tools of the trade......... I made the little leaf pottery at a First Friday Art Walk a couple of years ago, and the shells are from a beach in Nova Scotia. 

Current pair of knitted socks on their way to being finished.....  I truly think I'm done with socks for now, but am taking a trip to the yarn store tomorrow, so never say never!

And am so excited to share a Christmas present from hubby.  A new year's subscription to my favorite mag...... SELVEDGE!!  Just got my first issue this week.......... If you're a fiber gal like me, this magazine (actually it's more like a book) is a must.  The problem is they quit carrying it at any of the book stores here. 

It's perfect for cold winter evenings in front of the fire.  My other gift is a subscription to the British edition of Country Living (as I've stated here many times in the past, HEADS AND TAILS ABOVE IT'S AMERICAN SISTER!)  Unfortunately, my first issue doesn't arrive until March or April.  I have no idea why it takes so long.  Hubby feels sorry for me as he says "trolling Barnes and Noble each month for the latest issues................".  Pitiful.........


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rainy Day Hooking

Cold and rainy ....... perfect day to work on new hooked piece.  This one will eventually go onto painted canvas......


Friday, January 4, 2013

What To Do With Potholders?

What did we do on New Year's Eve?  Well...... Ava and I wove potholders and turned them into a sweet little colorful bag!

Lot's of fun bringing back an old craft from my youth and teaching it to Ava.  I was surprised how tight and tricky the potholder weaving could get!

Spent today in my studio weaving, crocheting, and correcting pesky mistakes.  All was worth it because I have a nice new shawl for wearing over tees and sweaters...........

I used this lovely color transitioning Noro yarn.  I was looking for a simple green, but fell in love with this combination of greens, teal, peach, grays, and black.  I see this with a white t-shirt in the spring!

I'm on to my next project, which will be another small hooked pictorial.   I have some fun ideas in my head that hopefully,  I can make come to life on the linen.  Have a wonderful cozy weekend....