Monday, January 28, 2013

Projects In The Works....Etsy Again!

I'm not sure I'm done with my "Little Dream Girl".  So..... she remains in the studio mounted to this gold painted canvas.  She may come off, or I may add something to the canvas.  Just not sure yet.

Here's a view from the door into my very messy studio space taken this morning.  My newest shawl is still on the loom waiting for the rest of its fringe.........

I'm excited to get it off the loom so I can start my new one with this gorgeous color transitioning Noro yarn.  It's my absolute favorite right now for weaving!

On To Vintage News!

I've just opened a new little Etsy shop called dulcyann.  I've acquired quite a few vintage finds over the past several years that I'm ready to clean out and pass on... also several small antiques.  I've started with a few items and will continue to add more.  This will most likely be a temporary shop that I'll close when I'm ready to move on.  In other words, these are items I've owned for a long time, and don't plan on adding more to my collection.  Please drop by and check in often as there will be a variety of vintage lovelies for sale!



Julia said...

Dulcy, I love what you did with your little girl rug. She a darling piece.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned how I love the rug in your header. I've been thinking of making something similar for a while to use up my million wool worms that has accumulated. I haven't felt like hooking much this winter, kind of lost my Mojo again I think...

I love your spacious studio and I do't think of it as messy. It just looks like you've been working in that space that is meant to work in. Love, love that shawl on the loom, the colors ate so nice. I can understand why you are anxious to get working on the next shawl.

I did visit your new vintage etsy shop to see your treasures. Good luck with this.

Charlotte said...

#What a great little shop. Good Luck with it.

Your full moon sounded wonderful, ours was shrouded by cloud for most of the night. But she has come out to play a bit more now.

Love to you and hi to Jessy, miss her blog.

Jennifer Richardson said...

your studio looks like a breath
of fresh air
from the wintery gray
and I enjoyed putzing around
your lovely shop
....i imagine it's going to be
a big hit!
you have such a wonderful eye,

Dag said...

Dulcy, your studio looks so cozy and inviting! of course i always love your project, the little girl and the shawl! your yarn looks fantastic, noro is made for us folks who love cold, right?! enjoy!!

Pixie said...

Oh i love that yarn Dulcy, i really must get me some, i love the colours of noro yarn, i have seen so many projects online made with it, though some people have said it can be a bit of a bugger to knit with......we shall see. xxx