Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Day!

Today is a happy day, and I guess it's a happy day because yesterday was a down in the dumps day.  I sorted out the reasons for being down in the dumps, and decided to put those reasons to rest so that I could now have a happy day.  Here's why it's a happy day..........

First of all, it's my bestie, Jessy's birthday!  I made her some organic cotton pink wristies for spring, and they're sort of Valeninesy...... don't you think?

I decided these cuties needed their own special packaging to I made a little pouch to tuck them away in.

Jessy and I celebrated her bday in style at the Aviary and had the most delicious salmon crepes.  Here she's modeling her new wristies.

Doesn't she look smashing in her wristies, pink plaid pouch, and cute pink T!

I'm also happy today because it's snowing!

I just now snapped this shot from where I'm sitting at this exact moment at my computer sending this exact same snowy photo on to you!  Actually the snow seems to be stopping, and it's not much, but I'll take it.

Another happy for me is that I finally finished my Little Dream Girl, and feel pleased with the results.

She's on canvas and currently residing on my fireplace mantel.............


After my lunch with Jessy, I came home and played Etsy Store.  I added another lovely little dish to my inventory at  dulcyann's.

So sweet!  Can't you see it with pretty chocolates to serve for Valentine's Day?

So, it has been a happy day.... which will wind down with a glass of wine and a new magazine by the fire.  




Cathy G. said...

Hi Dulcy,
You sure know the secret to dealing with those downer days! I have them especially this time of year when I wish I was a snowbird and could fly south! I'd come visit you.....except now you have that white stuff there too! LOL!! It is pretty when it's gone in a day or two and warm temps follow! LOVE your Little Dream Girl and she looks awesome on the mantle! I love those wristies and little fun pouch you made for Jessy! It was so nice to see a pic of her! She is a beauty!
Wishing you lots of happy days ahead!
Your friend from the deep freeeeeze in WI!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, being with your best friend Jessie on her birthday is a great way to chase those blues away. Happy belated birthday Jessie.
I was down this week too but feel uplifted now.

Jessie is wearing the right colors to show off her new gifts made with love. Cute little hearts adds a special touch. She looks great with short hair.

Most or our snow melted these last couple of days except where the snow was piled up. Fresh fallen snow makes me want to go make a snowman with hat and scarf.

I love your little dream girl and the little hearts also makes it look special.

Enjoy your Fibre Art magazines. I picked up my Rug Hooking Magazine last week and I've been enjoying the article I See You, about eyes on animals rugs. It amazingly beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend. Groundhog Day is on Saturday.


Dag said...

i am glad you were able to make today a better day! good for you! looks like you had a wonderful girlie birthday party!! your friend is lucky to have a friend like you - handmade gifts are simply the best!
nice how your little girl turned out and where she resides - a very cozy spot!!
be well and big hug!! Dag

liniecat said...

If thats the new selvedge mag.......look out for Mister Finch and his stitched animals!!
Glad happy-happy visited you......days like that are precious!

Jennifer Richardson said...

so wonderful, those pink wristies! what a lucky jessie:)
i'm in love with pink right now.
and you make your world
a rosy one, create
so much beauty with your blues.
hope the sun shines on that snow
and makes your day sparkle,

Pixie said...

The wristies are gorgeous, great colour and love the little appliqued hearts on them, very cute, and happy birthday too to your bestie Jessie.

The little dream girl is just wondeful you must be so pleased with it Dulcy, your choices of colours are always just right, xx

Something 'crafte nookish' on its way..xx

Mary Stanley said...

Sweet pink wristies! and love your Little Dream much creativity going on at the "doorstep"! Always a delightful visit!