Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vintage Valentine's, Hobo Tights, and Hooking

It's rainy, and feeling very spring like today.  Daffodils and crocus are blooming outside.  Also blooming is my lovely little clump of snowdrops that I'm definitely thinning and spreading about the yard this May.

I've been using old silver plate to make pretty little hanging Valentines for friends and my Etsy store dulcyann.

I'm getting Valentine lovelies wrapped and ready to mail.  I'm sending on these adorable little Hobo Tights made by bestie, Jessy.  She made them as part of a fund raiser for our local indie movie house, The Moxie, so it can go digital.  They're just perfect for our little Ava!

Aren't they sweet!!

Yesterday I made a quick trip through my favorite flea market, Relics.  I first found this little $1 dish that I bought because it's so cute and chipped... and well.... It was in a rack with all these very nice  unchipped dishes.  I simply felt sorry for it and decided to give the poor little old thing a home.

It now lives in the dish rack, which is in the laundry room, which is sitting right above the washer and dryer.

I also bought this wonderful little hand tooled bag.  I see these a lot, but many times they are too stiff and heavy.  I was drawn to the darling shape of this one.

Oh, and here I'm wearing a new Gudrun dress that I've had for quite a while, but just got it out to wear today!  So fun to have two new things!

The little bag is a bit rough on the inside, so I lined it with some wool scraps.  Now it's soft and cozy.

And while we're on the discussion of handbags.  This is a little design I've been playing with for another hooked bag.  Not sure what's it's going to end up like, but thinking of hooking only the design and leaving lots of exposed linen.  We'll see where it goes........

Have a fabulous day!


Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, how fortunate to already have some spring blooms in your garden. I'll have to wait a long time still before I get some blooms.

It's supposed to go as low as -24 C. It's already dropped to -22 C at the moment. The water pipes will be frozen in my end of the barn in the morning.

How ingenious, little silver spoons and knives with hearts for valentine.

I think that Ava will love the Hobo tights. They are very unique. It might just start a fad...

I love the little tooled leather hand bag. It goes well with the dress. I so wish you showed a full picture of you with the dress and the purse.

Love the cute design for your next purse.

Stay safe and warm

Marie said...

Love the Gundrun dress and what a fun leather bag.
I like that you lined it and made it soft and cheerful!
Lovely heart too!
xo <3

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love all the lovin'
going on over here
...your creativity flowing
like a deep stream:)
happy week of loving,

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy, I so love your heart shaped rug and all of your special finds!!
xx Susan

Kathryn Glover said...

And a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you, Dulcy. I love all the things you present in your home. I noticed you wearing your socks, as well. Happy March! Just snowdrops up here with snow predicted for tomorrow. Bleh!xoxoKathryn

Relyn Lawson said...

I miss commenting on the above posts. Each spring I think of the daffodils in the yard of your fairy tale cottage.