Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fiber Loves........

My little dream girl is hooked and waiting to be mounted on painted canvas.  I think I'm going to use a burnt sienna with some gold as my background colors to frame her off with.

Tools of the trade......... I made the little leaf pottery at a First Friday Art Walk a couple of years ago, and the shells are from a beach in Nova Scotia. 

Current pair of knitted socks on their way to being finished.....  I truly think I'm done with socks for now, but am taking a trip to the yarn store tomorrow, so never say never!

And am so excited to share a Christmas present from hubby.  A new year's subscription to my favorite mag...... SELVEDGE!!  Just got my first issue this week.......... If you're a fiber gal like me, this magazine (actually it's more like a book) is a must.  The problem is they quit carrying it at any of the book stores here. 

It's perfect for cold winter evenings in front of the fire.  My other gift is a subscription to the British edition of Country Living (as I've stated here many times in the past, HEADS AND TAILS ABOVE IT'S AMERICAN SISTER!)  Unfortunately, my first issue doesn't arrive until March or April.  I have no idea why it takes so long.  Hubby feels sorry for me as he says "trolling Barnes and Noble each month for the latest issues................".  Pitiful.........



Julia said...

I love how you framed around the little girl . i'm looking forward to see how your project will look when mounted on a painted canvas. You never cease to amaze me on how you tackle your projects so creatively.

That's a lot of socks that you've knitted lately. I still haven't started mine yet. There is just too many things to do.

I did hobby ceramics and took a course in pottery but never got my own pottery wheel. I love the leaf dish, very useful.

Stay warm and safe.

Dag said...

your little girl turned out just beautiful!! i'm looking forward to seeing her mounted!
great piece of pottery and great pair of sox in the make! i have not knitted sox in forever, but... you may guess.. have a large stash of sock yarn.. ah well, one never knows, when there might be a shortage of yarn..! hugs to you!

Mary Stanley said...

Love your new hooked piece. Looking forward to seeing it all finished up. Wonderful socks too! Don't know how you do it!
Happy New Year wishes!

Jennifer Richardson said...

your evenings by the fire
sound like magic
and i've got a crush
on the little leaf pottery
you made:)

liniecat said...

what a great blog! ive been blog exploring and decided to stay lol
so am now following along.
love the little girl rug!