Sunday, September 7, 2014

Visit Me On Instragram!

I will still be blogging occasionally, but you can catch up quicker on Instagram.  Follow dulcy624!  You can find the link on my sidebar.



Tammy Burks said...

I was holding out on Instragram, but I now have an account, just to follow you :)

Amy McPheeters said...

Hi Dulcy. I clicked on the link to follow you. I have instagram but haven't used it yet. I plan to start posting there while we are in Ireland and France (starting in a few days!). My account is amyloupix.

dulcy said...

Thanks Amy! I'll follow! Can't wait to see photos because they will be fabulous!

Jennifer Richardson said...

hi dulcy!
I think instagram is becoming the new blogging, isn't it.
good to hear you're there....thinking it's time for me to jump on in:)
big love,