Monday, September 15, 2014

Animals, Color, and Friends

Today is the most gorgeous type of early fall days!  The light and temperature are perfect.  It makes all the colors outside, and in, particularly vibrant!  The kind of day to put sunflowers on the mantel.  Picked these up at the little farm across the road.

I also put out my Debbie Wilson print.  She's a fabulous mixed media artist that we befriended when doing shows.   Such a sweet piece of art.

I'm so happy because our little feral Firefly found his way home after a botched (on my part) attempt to get him to the vet and fixed.  If you're in my circle of animal loving friends, you already know the story and how completely devastated I was.  Let's make this short..... got him trapped (amazing because he is so feral) to the vet in a carrier in the car.  A whole another part of town across creeks, neighborhoods, busy streets, etc.  And he burst apart the carrier in the vet's parking lot and was gone in a flash.  I looked, my husband looked, my husband and I looked together, my friends went by and looked.  No luck, I assumed he was gone for good.  I felt horrible since he had lost his excellent food source and safe outside home.  I sobbed and sobbed!  Well....... late Saturday afternoon (11 days following the escape) we're leaving for a get together with friends, and there he is in the drive right by where I always feed him!  It's absolutely mind blowing to me that cats can do this!  I truly never expected to see him again.  I'm leaving well enough alone for now.... no trapping and fixing..... too much drama for us both.  My hubby took this picture of him yesterday in one of his little hiding places outside.

I did manage to get my mind off things during this unfortunate situation, when I went with Tammy to the Warsaw hook in.  This is one of my favorites because they have the best vendors there with all kinds of unusual fabrics and other trinkets.  Here's a few things I snatched up!

Three gorgeous pieces of hand dyed velvet......

This exquisite piece of antique paisley from Anita White.  I splurged here because of the cream color.  So different from the deeper reds and maroons.  I won't hook with this... will most likely use as embellishment for a clothing piece.  Ideas are forming!

A fun colorful hunk of curly sheep wool.  I think part of this will eventually find it's way into a hooked bag.

I like to keep my new pieces of fiber out where I can see them.  It keeps me planning and thinking creative thoughts.  I can't imagine living in an environment without lots of color.  How unstimulating and boring!

Ended the afternoon with sketching by the lake.  Here's Tammy working on her piece.

My little sketch.  Very excited because I've just enrolled in Sketbook Skool on-line.  Tammy and my friend Mary have also enrolled.  I think it's fun to have a little group to head out to parks and cafes to do some sketching.

Fall always brings a lot of reflection.  After all that's happened over the past week or two, I've thought about how wonderful life is with friends and a husband who go out of their way to look for your  uncatchable feral cat,  or friends that take you away for a day to a happy colorful creative retreat, and all the little animals that we care for that give us such love and happiness....... and of course........ lots and lots of color.  The perfect combination for a wonderful life!  Thank you Tammy, Katie, Sarah, Jim, Lora, Dr. Pfander (my vet) and his wonderful crew that looked and kept food in the little guys bowl, and of course Firefly!



summersundays-jw said...

What a great story. So glad he found his way home! I'm going to ck. out the on-line class...I love yours & Tammy's little watercolors. Have a good week! Jan

Tammy Burks said...

So glad FF made it back "home". Always happy to have you as a traveling companion!

Cathy G. said...

The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze! How do those little creatures find their way!? I guess food is always the motivator! Much like humans! LOL!
Your colorful artistic life inspires me! The Sketch class sounds so interesting! If I ever can get caught up on all the work here I would love to check that out!
Keep creating and sharing all the excitement down your way!
Cathy G

Charlotte said...

Lovely Dulcy.
It is good to hear of the small acts of kindness, especially when sometimes life can seem very dark. Keeping colourful helps.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your heart to care for
that feral fellow, to see and savor sunflowers and sit by a lake just to feel the sun on your shoulders while you create something beautiful, just because you can. Something so lovely about your living, dulcy:)
You're a wonder,