Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall, Food, Creativity, and Beauty


This early fall is quite fantastic!  The temperature and light are just perfect for outdoor play and creativity.  I'm taking advantage of it and puttering around the house and outside.  Nightly bicycle rides with hubby are wonderful.   We're getting ready to hit the road with our bikes for a few days and trying to get into "bike shape" for the trip.

I'm not a big seasonal decorator, but love to put out bits of fall in my home.....

Willow likes to bask in early morning fall light.  The spare bedroom is actually hers..... or so she says!


Fall encourages my "culinary skills".  Enjoying some of this bullet proof coffee.  You can find out how to make this yummy latte at Tammy's blog  here.

 Currently have a pot of tomato soup simmering on the stove.  I just throw in organic diced tomatoes, vegetable stock, lightly sauteed celery, basil pesto, and a good bit of crushed red pepper.  Makes for a light and spicy soup!  


Almost done with my crazy abstract red rug.  Wanting it finished, and anxious to figure out my binding.  Hoping to take it completed to a neat little hook in Tammy and I have organized at Ivy Jeans in Cape Fair during November.  Already have 19 "hookers" and newbies coming.  Should be a fun day at Cindy's farm hooking, eating, sketching, and spending time with lovely creative friends!


This is sort of "off topic" for my usual blog posts, but the most amazing info keeps finding it's way to me lately.  Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, friends.... I'm hearing the same message over and over from very gorgeous, educated and accomplished baby boomers.  NO PLASTIC SURGERY FOR ME, thank you very much!  Love it!  First, last winter I was turned onto this book....

"French Women Don't Get Facelifts" by Mireille Guiliano.  This is not a "French women know everything because they're French, blah blah blah kind of book.  Very practical advice on everything from skin care to food, relationships, life in general.  Lots of info on good creams and oils!

I LOVE this quote from Annie Lennox, musical artist and beauty.....

"I really think people need to think very carefully before heading for the needle or the knife. If it were subtle and it just made you look a bit better it would be fine. But that's not what happens. It's very obvious, and looks like the person's wearing a static mask. You just lose all semblance of authenticity. I don't know why so many women seem to flock towards having their lips swollen and their foreheads stiffened like cardboard. It doesn't make women look younger. It just makes them look disturbing... Plastic surgery looks very obvious and truly unappealing."

Or this quote by fav actress, Emma Thompson.....

"It's psychotic, isn't it having your body opened up and stuff put in, injecting yourself with poison?" Emma Thompson.  I read where she and Kate Winslet have a girlfriend pact not to have any kind of plastic surgery.  I love how these women speak their mind!

I also have recently come across two panel discussions on line that included several famous models, actresses, fashion designers, and journalists discussing this very topic.  There's lots and lots more of this type of thing from many gifted and self assured women on line and all over the place. I think it just displays a bit of sanity in this currently, at times, very insane world..... Is cutting, burning, and injecting about beauty, or is it about something completely different?  Just something to think about.