Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall and Happy

Beautiful fall day!  I guess that's been my theme lately, but this time of year gets me so jazzed and happy.  Here's a shot of our front door taken by my hubby, Jim Mayfield, this morning.  We live in an old rock house built in 1929.  WE LOVE IT!

This past weekend was perfect!  I spent Saturday with my dear sweet friend Katie.  It started with a honey almond latte from the Mud House, moved on to a trip to one of my very fav places, Leolas, and ended with these very fashionable black birds sitting in our chandelier on the porch.

Their top hats with feathers are so posh!  And the keys around their necks look important.... like they really mean business!

Last evening we ended the weekend with a small house concert by our good friend Randle Chowning.  I had to buy a green rock (artistically painted by a little girl who was handling the door).  Not a bad price for great music!

A cute couple of tiny fans danced the night away.........

Hope it's as gorgeous wherever you are as it is here in the Ozarks!