Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Finds and Daily Color

Fall continues to be brilliant!  It's a gorgeous Monday following a fabulous and fun weekend.  Today is a bit rainy and cloudy, but colors pop even more when everything is damp and the sky is grey.  I finally finished my latest hooked piece.  It's big and it's red!  My original plan was that it was to be a wall piece as there's quite a bit of 3D going on.... but for now it's on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Kinda crazy, but I just wanted to hook color and texture.  It's full of not only wool, but silk, velvet, various yarns, metallics, sari silks, and some cotton.

And you can see the beginnings of mittens I'm knitting.  This is just the first of a pair.  I wove in the silk ribbon for a bow, and will crochet the same ribbon around the cuff.  Just doing a bit of experimenting.  Hope to make a few pairs for The Vintage Suitcase, gifts for family and friends, and a pair for myself.

Speaking of The Vintage Suitcase, I grabbed this shot of our "sweet" new bakery at work the other day.  Needed to be quick before the customers started to arrive!

In the shop part of the Suitcase, we carry a nice selection of art papers and vintage look silk ribbons.  I was playing around with a cone made of doggie themed paper at work the other day to sell in the shop.  But, after I finished I decided to purchase it for a Christmas present (can't mention anymore about that here....shhhh...)

Love making these things!

And..... it's hedge apple season again.  My favorite color of fall!  My sweet husband picks these up on his outings and brings them home for me.  They don't last too long, but so gorgeous!

I just had to do a quick little watercolor in my sketchbook....

I love sharing the little things I make and do here in the Ozarks, and I so enjoy visiting all the other fantastic and creative blogs out there.  Such a great source for inspiration, education, and friends!  Thanks for popping by!